Friday, July 13, 2012

Boening Family Vacation 2012

June was a pretty busy traveling month for us.  The weekend after our weekend in Dallas we spent the weekend at Lake LBJ with Barry's family.  Barry and I weren't feeling all that great so there was a lot of this going on...

They even sleep the same...
It is so fun to see Sawyer and her cousins starting to interact with each other.  She is much more exciting to them now that she can sit up and makes noises with them.

Next year Baby Logan will be in the mix =)

We stayed at this huge house right on the lake with an amazing view!  We spent as much time outside as we between naps...

All the kids had some quality Grandma and Grandpa time.

And family time.

Looking forward to next year's's going to be hard to top that view!

7 Months

Yay!! 7 months old!

We have quite the personality on our hands...

She is so happy all the time...and such a goof!

I feel like Sawyer has grown up so much it the past month.  It makes me sad, but it has also been so fun!  She is so interactive and is now mobile...she isn't quite yet crawling but she gets where she needs to go in a hurry.

She also started eating solid food this past month.  

Its a HUGE mess every night.  So far she LOVES sweet potatoes and carrots.  She likes zucchini, green beans, rice cereal and peas.  She is not at all a fan of squash or cauliflower.

She tries to feed herself a lot too - she usually misses and it ends up in her hair...but that's what we have a bath tub for!  She thinks it's fun.  She also thinks this is fun...

Fortunately she also love the bath.  She is obsessed with this colors book and her rubber ducks...she gets so excited to see them she shakes.

Aunt Brie brought her a new one from London...after trying to eat it at lunch, she held it and slept with it the whole way from Austin to Houston.  Obsessed.

Sawyer had her first run-in with a mascot at the Skeeters game - Swatson the Mosquito.  She didn't love it.

She is still doing great at school...she gets a huge smile on her face every morning when we walk in.  I think they spoil her there - which I am totally ok with!  They started having water day twice a week in June.  She has to wear her swimsuit to school every Tuesday and Thursday for the whole summer.  She thinks her water shoes are for eating not wearing...she thinks most things are for eating actually!

The kids get to play outside with water tables, buckets, wash cloths, sprinklers and all sorts of toys.  Sawyer prefers to bum around...they tell me she also really likes the sprinklers.

She is still wearing size 3-6 month clothes...but we are getting close to moving up.  She is now in size three diapers and I think she weighs somewhere around 17 pounds.  Her newest thing is pulling herself up.

And she is pretty proud of herself!

I can't get enough of this sweet face and wonderful smile.  Can't wait to see what the next month has in store for us!