Monday, May 26, 2014

Sawyer's End of the Year Program

Sawyer switched schools back in January since her previous schools was downtown where I was working, and that was no longer an option when I started staying home.  I was obviously apprehensive about starting her at a new school, especially one where I didn't know anyone and had just opened.  I chose this school because she had previously been in a Spanish immersion class and that was something we wanted her to continue to be exposed to.  We couldn't be happier.  She is speaking so much more Spanish and understands so well.  Just the other day she told me that she loved her teachers so much.  I think we made the right decision!

They had their end of the year program a couple weeks ago.  I had no idea what to expect - especially when the costume came home in her backpack and we tried it on at home.  What in the world?!?

Sawyer hadn't said anything about it what so ever.  When I told her she was going to be in a show for school her response was always "I want to watch a show!"  A.k.a. turn on Disney Junior and watch Sophia the First.

As soon as she got her costume on on the night of the show, she was in full on performer mode!

My parents and Barry's mom came to the performance.  I was sure she would be totally shy when she saw them, but no.  She was so excited.

The show started with all the kids parading down the aisle toward the stage, she was strutting her stuff!  Since Sawyer is in the youngest class, they went first.  They sang and danced to two songs and she did so good!  It was obvious that they had been practicing for a quite a while and she had all the moves down.  At one point during the second song she spun so hard she fell down then walked right to the middle of the stage in front of the other kids and gave herself a round of applause.  Proud moment.

We were so proud of our little performer!  And super impressed with the teachers and school and all the work that went in the program.

And, Ty did a great job supporting his big sister!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Falling behind again…

While I am writing this, I am still in the process of making my mom's Mother's Day gift at the same time, so I guess I am falling behind in general right now!!  It will all get done eventually.

This year Mother's Day really snuck up on me.  Maybe the lack of sleep, maybe the fact that the week started at Texas Children's ER with Ty - I'll save that for another post - or maybe that our family was hit by what seemed to be the plague leading up to Mother's Day.  Just the perfect little storm of craziness!

But, we had a very nice Mother's Day nonetheless.  Our day started out with church, I consider the fact that we were only 20 minutes late a victory.  It was that kind of week.  Then we spent the rest of the day at my parent's house visiting and eating.  My dad cooked us an awesome lunch and we just enjoyed being out of our infirmary of a house and being with family.

And that was it.  Not really much to blog about, but I feel like it deserves a mention since I am now a mother of two and this little guy was so kind as to start the celebration at 2 AM!  This is also the only picture I managed to take on Mother's Day.  Doesn't he look thrilled...

Being a mom is the hardest, most rewarding part of my life.  I am so thankful, more and more every day, for the opportunity to even be a mom because I know that it is not something that is afforded to everyone.  Every day that I am a mom brings more and more appreciation for my mom and everything she did, and still does, for my sisters and me.  And for Barry's mom for raising him the way she did.  They are both tremendous helps for me, especially at this stage of motherhood.

I am also beyond thankful that our kids have four great grandmothers to celebrate every Mother's Day as well - more wonderful examples of great mom's.  I have GIANT shoes to fill in the mom department, but I have great footsteps in which to follow.

Thank you to these two little blessings that make me laugh daily, challenge me to no end, have taught me patience I never knew I had and brought me joy I didn't know was possible - being your mom is such a privilege!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ty's Newborn Pictures

I'm obsessed.  Barry's cousin, Kim, did an amazing job.  A few (or 25!) of my favorites...

Ty needed to eat as soon as we got there...newborns have the best timing…so Sawyer had a photo shoot of her own.

Dancing.  Always dancing.

These two…such a daddy's girl.

My favorite.

The twins.

The sweetest.

My kidS!

Blue, blue, blue.

Is there anything cuter than baby feet??

She is so proud of her TyTy.

I'm so glad she caught the dimples!

I love the fuzzy head and wrinkly forehead!

I get so emotional looking at these pictures.  I can't believe this is my life and this is my family.  Its amazing and I couldn't be more blessed.  I'm so thankful.