Monday, April 24, 2017

Boening Build - Update 4

Last week was the 1 year mark since the flood.  The day was much more emotional than I thanks to time hop on facebook!  The pictures were tough to look at but we have come a long way in the past two months so I have to keep focused on that.

After foundation, we obviously moved on to framing, then siding, roofing and plumbing.  We have since completed our electrical walk through and they should be starting install today.  Once that is done we can do insulation and sheetrock and hopefully we will move quickly to the finish line from there!

We have had to make a few small changes along the way with some built ins and electrical work but fortunately nothing major!

The frame process was really cool to watch.  That is the bottom level covered patio.

First level almost completed.

This will be Barry's shop in the back of the garage.

2nd story almost completed, this is the back of the house with covered patio going in on second floor.

This is the side of the house that the driveway will be on, that center opening on the bottom will be the garage door, now in the middle and much smaller than originally planned.

Another view of the back...easier to see with actual walls.

Siding going in.

And this is the front of the house.

They each wanted a picture in their rooms. =) 

Windows and siding in, starting to look like a house!

This is the kitchen/breakfast area/living room.  That door leads out to back porch and apparently I can't take straight pictures.

Railing going in.

He is so excited for his new room, he wants a picture in there every time we go!

Front of house with staircase almost completed and same staircase from the side.   Wrapping the staircase and adding that window were two of the things we changed since we had to make the garage door so much smaller.

Front and back right now with roof completed.  The painters have come and started covering windows and caulking so hopefully that will get going this week as well. 

We are going to register Sawyer for kindergarten today (!!!) so fingers crossed we can get this done and moved in before school starts!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Boening Build: Update 3

They day has finally arrived...we have a foundation!  I had no idea how complicated of a process it was, but it was very interesting to watch.  It took about 2 weeks for the whole process to be completed from forms to concrete pour.  It is still curing and should be 100% completed on Monday.

We made it this far before we reached our first hiccup.  The engineers decided that we did not have enough support in the first (garage) floor so we had to add a bunch of unfortunately placed support beams throughout the space.  It all makes sense structurally but it really changes the functionality of the garage and the aesthetics of that side of the house, and not in a good way - we had to make a size and placement change of the garage door.

We are still working to finalize what we will do on that side of the house as far as doors, windows and staircases on the outside to make it look better.  But, in the meantime were able to move forward with the slab.

We spent all day Monday at the house waiting on cement trucks.  The kids were running barefoot and covered in dirt head to toe; they had the best day watching all the activity and playing.

9 cement trucks and 12 hours later, we have a slab!

My dad met us out there and was kind enough to bring the kids chocolate milk to toast to their new house. 

Now, on to the next phase...framing. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Building Update: 2

I last updated October 8th with the hopes of starting to rebuild within 2 months.  I clearly had no idea how this process worked!!  3 months later and nothing still - nothing new anyways.  But our "broken house", as Ty calls it, is no more.  On November 9th, we went ahead with the demolition.  We intended to go out there that morning and just watch them get started, but we ended up staying there all day...for 3 days!  It was a smidge emotional at first, but it was also the first sign of tangible progress which was very exciting!

The demo process was actually really interesting.  It took almost the whole week to get it fully demoed and hauled off.


We had to have some sand brought in to prepare for the foundation.  So, this is how it sits now.

We closed on our loan December 12th and, silly (delusional) me, thought that meant they would start building that week.  Nope - 4-6 weeks.  We met with them last Friday and the countdown was down to 2-3 weeks until forms, then plumbing, then foundation. 

We are still fighting the good fight with our insurance company.  We got one small payout (!!), but it is still on my weekly to do list to pester them until we get our money.  Yesterday they said call back in 5 days.  Will do.

This process, and my subsequent updating, has taken much longer than I anticipated but hopefully that will speed up shortly!