Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dallas Road Trip for Mimi's Birthday

The last weekend in May we made a road trip up to Dallas.  My dad, Barry & Michael had planned a fishing trip, so we planned a girls trip to Dallas to celebrate Mimi's upcoming birthday with her.  Since my mom had to work on Friday, Becky and I decided to make the trip with all the kids Thursday afternoon.  Crazy?  Maybe.  We packed my car to the brim and were on the road…

After sitting in traffic FOR.EVER. we finally made it to a Chick-Fil-A for a dinner and diaper change stop.

7 hours (yup, 7) and 4 sleeping kids later we made it to Dallas.

We spent Friday hanging out at Mimi's house and playing in the backyard.  Lisa, Brooke & Holly drove in from Arkansas to spend the weekend with us too which was great!

Saturday we hosted a lunch for Mimi's friends to come over and celebrate her birthday, she was more interested in showing off her great grandkids!

We spent the rest of the day shopping, hanging out with Brittney & Eric and walking on the "Balance Wall."  The balance wall, as Cora named it, is the border between Mimi's yard and her neighbors'.  When we were kids it was made of railroad ties, it has since been upgraded but still provided hours of entertainment, much like it did when we were little.

I am so glad we got to spend the weekend celebrating our wonderful grandmother!  And fortunately the drive home only took us 4 hours…as it should have…thanks to Ty taking a marathon nap, M.E. sitting in the back providing entertainment and lots and lots of snacks.  The fishermen had a great weekend too!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Jewelry Thieves

Sawyer and Cora have a thing for jewelry. Especially my mom's jewelry, which she keeps in the very back corner of her closet. Tonight they were supposed to be "going to sleep". (Taking a nap if you ask Sawyer). Together. In the same bed. I think they thought they out smarted us that we actually let them do that.

I went to check on them because it was awfully quiet. I thought they had actually fallen asleep. Right. Silly me. Looked under the covers, in the bathroom, around the bed. No where. Then I heard some jingling. Busted. 

Sawyer was standing on that stool pulling necklaces off the wall and handing them to Cora. I sent them back to bed and started putting everything away and two minutes later Sawyer walked back into the closet. "Here mom". My mom's wedding ring. Perfect. 

My mom went in to talk to the thieves and Sawyers explanation:

"We just take them off and wear them. We share with you. But then Tara took them away from me and my cousin."

Excuse me, what?!? Principal Fernandez is currently in there addressing the situation. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ty: 2 Months

Our little Mr. Serious is 2 months old!

And still not in the mood to have his picture taken so that's all I got.  Lots of first for Ty in his second month.  Starting with his first baseball game.

He spent most of the night totally content hanging out in the baby wrap.

He started out the month being pretty fussy and wanting to be held ALL. THE. TIME.

I didn't mind the holding part, but not being able to calm him and not knowing what was wrong was beyond frustrating!  He had his first trip to the park…

And his first trip to the library for story time.

We spent a day at Texas Children's, which unfortunately was not a first for him.  After his throwing up episode during his first month, we thought he had just caught a bug.  But, then he did it again, but worse.  And, this time he wasn't interested in eating all night and wasn't having any wet diapers for an extended period of time so they doctor suggested we take him in again, this time to the ER since it was a Saturday.  Barry was out of town so I am forever indebted to Becky for coming with me and Michael for keeping Sawyer until Barry could get back.  Ty was so lethargic and just not himself.  It was so sad.

We left there with no answers and made an appointment with our pediatrician on Monday.  The only common denominator between the two episodes was that he had 2 oz of formula.  So, the conclusion is a milk protein allergy.  Ty now has a hypoallergenic, hydrolyzed formula - which he wants nothing to do with and I have taken all the diary out of my diet.  About a week later the fussiness decreased drastically.  He became a totally different, happier baby!  And, he would finally sleep on his back.

Taking out dairy has been a challenge for me, but it is soooooo worth it!  He now sleeps anywhere and any way, one of his favorite places is Becky's couch.

At Ty's 2 month appointment he weighed 13 lbs 9 oz (74th %), was 23.5 inches in length (65th %) and his head measured 16 inches (85th %).  He was in size 1 diapers the day he turned 2 months, only because I had a few left - but is now in size 2.  He is wearing 3-6 month clothes.  He's so big!!  Or maybe I just have a skewed view because Sawyer was 7.5 lbs when she was 2 months old.

He is such a sweet baby, but he is so serious!

He is pretty stingy with the smiles, but when we get them…they are amazing!!

He still doesn't love the pacifier, but will take it occasionally.  He has had a few bottles without any trouble as long as it isn't formula.  He doesn't like to be swaddled at all and he is still sleeping in our room at night and wakes up usually twice.  He has been napping in his crib during the day, especially now that he sleeps better on his back.

He also loves to nap in the baby carrier!  Which is great practice for our upcoming trip.

He has super blue eyes and light fuzzy hair - it's my favorite!  Sawyer loves him so much!  Any time he cries she brings him her "Potsy" (or Potsys…we have a backup and somehow she ended up with both!) which is a really big deal because Potsy is so special to her.  She says it makes Ty happy.  I don't know if it makes him happy, but it makes me really happy to see her loving her brother so much!

We all love him so much and are so thankful we have a happy, healthy baby on our hands!