Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ty: 1 Month

Another two weeks gone by, and we now have a one month old!

A one month old who wanted nothing to do with sitting up and having his picture taken.

Unlike his sister when she was this age…

They have the same serious look, but Ty has filled out much more quickly than Sawyer did.  He has the  greatest cheeks that make for the cutest sleep smiles.

The day before Ty turned 4 weeks old, he came down with a stomach bug which was not fun for anyone.  It started on Sunday night, I called the doctor Monday morning after a night of throwing up after every feeding.  She wanted to see him that afternoon and sent us straight to Texas Children's for an ultrasound to make sure he didn't have pyloric stenosis, in which case he would need emergency surgery.  Thank God, it came back negative which meant just a stomach bug.  Up until this point he was a pretty relaxed easy going baby.

Now, he is pretty fussy most of the day so I guess he is still just not feeling well.  He does great at night though, waking up 1 or 2 times, which I could not be more thankful for.  He still sleeps in our room at night in the Rock-and-Play and is very happy in there.  However, during the day, it is a different story.  He will only sleep if he is being held, or if he is on his stomach in his bed.   

He sleeps like a rock in his bed, but only on his belly.  He will last maybe 10 minutes on his back, so we don't put him in there at night and I check on him every 27 seconds during the day when he is in there…or I just move my computer and work into his room and sit right next to him…he is going to sleep and I am going to work one way or another!!

He weighs about 10 pounds and is already in size one diapers and has outgrown quite a few of his newborn clothes.  He loves to snuggle and be held tightly or in the baby wrap and sleep with the shower or blow dryer going, doesn't mind the bath and does not at all like changing his clothes, being put down or having a wet diaper. 

Ty's first month has looked quite different than Sawyer's did.  I don't remember ever getting out of my PJs or leaving the house, but that is not the case this time around.  We still do spend quite a bit of time at home, but get out at least once most days - even if it just for a picnic in the yard.

Sawyer LOVES her brother.  

Every time he cries she lets me know he is crying and tells me how hungry he is or how I need to pick him up right away.  She especially likes when he is hungry because she gets to watch a show whenever I am nursing him, which also happens to coincide with every time she needs to go potty RIGHT now.  Super convenient. Buuuuut, that's neither here nor there, I'm mostly thankful she's potty trained. He continues to be a great eater and has taken a bottle with no trouble a couple of times as well.  While I was going back through my blog to look at Sawyer's 1 month post, I also came across a post I did comparing Sawyer's baby pics to Barry's here.  I thought she looked so much like him at this age.  And she kind of did, but Ty….

I mean…could they look anymore alike?!?  And, one more just because its cute =)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

The nice thing about having a big family is that our holidays get stretched out over multiple days with multiple get togethers and celebrations - which also means super long blog posts!  This year our Easter started with the traditional Easter bunny picture.  Barry had to be in the picture because the bunny couldn't hold Ty and I hadn't showered and was in no shape to be photographed.  I was so surprised Sawyer was so into it!

Quite different from last year!!

On Friday afternoon we took off for Yoakum - Ty's first trip.  We spent the afternoon playing outside, complete with gymnastics lessons from Aunt Cara, planting flowers with Grandma, swinging with cousins, cascarones, an Easter egg hunt and decorating cookies/eating sprinkles.

Proof Ty was there:

Saturday morning we went over to Grandma Cowen's house to dye eggs, eat and hunt for more eggs.

Saturday night we came back to our house.  The Easter bunny visited and Sawyer was so excited about her fishing game and new glasses when she woke up in the morning.

After church, we went over to my parents for lunch.  We wanted to do something easy and my dad wanted to use his new grill, so we decided to do a grilled BYO pizza lunch that was soooooo delicious. We spent the afternoon outside eating and watching the girls play in the freezing cold kiddie pool - it was the perfect end to a wonderful weekend!

That night I left Ty for the first time to go to the Rocket's game.  Sawyer fell asleep at 6:00 on the way home from my parents and was out for the night, so Barry and Ty had some guy time.  I got this picture shortly after I left...I think Ty enjoyed the extra attention from Daddy…

Monday, April 7, 2014

Ty is 2 Weeks

We have officially been parents of two kids for two weeks now.  The days have flown by, and the nights have drug on…such is life with a newborn I suppose!

But, Ty has really been a good baby so far.  He basically sleeps ALL THE TIME.

Sawyer gave him her Pots to sleep with…BIG deal!

He is even doing pretty good at night.  He wakes up every 3-4 hours day and night to eat and then goes back to sleep some more…

His favorite place to sleep is in his Rock-and-Play in our bathroom with the heater going and the shower on, or in the same place while I am drying my hair.

He hates to be swaddled.  We tried it the first couple of nights, but he immediately let us know how he felt about his arms being tied down.

We have been out and about more than I was at this point with Sawyer…taking her to school, a quick trip to Target, dinner at my parents and an afternoon at Becky's.  He isn't really sure about the car seat at first, but quickly falls asleep once we get going.

I love his wrinkles and that fuzzy little head! And his dimples…I can't get enough!

When he is awake, he is usually pretty content just being held and looking around.

He had his two week check up today.  He has gained his weight back and has surpassed his birth weight - thankfully this has been a completely different (in a good way) nursing experience and he is a great eater.  We have yet to try any bottles but are working on getting him to like the pacifier - he isn't sure about that yet.  He is up to 7.5 pounds (19th%), 20.5 inches (49th%) and his head is 14.5 inches (81st%).  When we woke up on Sunday morning, he all of a sudden looked so much bigger to me.  Speaking of getting bigger, Sawyer all of a sudden got so much taller and heavier the day we brought Ty home!

She has been a great big sister.  She is always giving him his bear and pacifiers, no matter where he is, "here's hims bear."

And she wasted no time starting to boss him around and take charge.

Sawyer got to spend a day in Yoakum, a day with Wita and a day in San Antonio, so she is really liking this new brother thing!

Sawyer and Abigail put on a concert for everyone in San Antonio…

Barry and I are starting to get things figured out and adjust to our new normal, but trying to take in as much of this newborn stage as possible.  As tough as getting up in the middle of the night is, I really do enjoy that time when its just the two of us.  We know it won't be long until we have a silly toddler chasing his big sister around!