Monday, April 7, 2014

Ty is 2 Weeks

We have officially been parents of two kids for two weeks now.  The days have flown by, and the nights have drug on…such is life with a newborn I suppose!

But, Ty has really been a good baby so far.  He basically sleeps ALL THE TIME.

Sawyer gave him her Pots to sleep with…BIG deal!

He is even doing pretty good at night.  He wakes up every 3-4 hours day and night to eat and then goes back to sleep some more…

His favorite place to sleep is in his Rock-and-Play in our bathroom with the heater going and the shower on, or in the same place while I am drying my hair.

He hates to be swaddled.  We tried it the first couple of nights, but he immediately let us know how he felt about his arms being tied down.

We have been out and about more than I was at this point with Sawyer…taking her to school, a quick trip to Target, dinner at my parents and an afternoon at Becky's.  He isn't really sure about the car seat at first, but quickly falls asleep once we get going.

I love his wrinkles and that fuzzy little head! And his dimples…I can't get enough!

When he is awake, he is usually pretty content just being held and looking around.

He had his two week check up today.  He has gained his weight back and has surpassed his birth weight - thankfully this has been a completely different (in a good way) nursing experience and he is a great eater.  We have yet to try any bottles but are working on getting him to like the pacifier - he isn't sure about that yet.  He is up to 7.5 pounds (19th%), 20.5 inches (49th%) and his head is 14.5 inches (81st%).  When we woke up on Sunday morning, he all of a sudden looked so much bigger to me.  Speaking of getting bigger, Sawyer all of a sudden got so much taller and heavier the day we brought Ty home!

She has been a great big sister.  She is always giving him his bear and pacifiers, no matter where he is, "here's hims bear."

And she wasted no time starting to boss him around and take charge.

Sawyer got to spend a day in Yoakum, a day with Wita and a day in San Antonio, so she is really liking this new brother thing!

Sawyer and Abigail put on a concert for everyone in San Antonio…

Barry and I are starting to get things figured out and adjust to our new normal, but trying to take in as much of this newborn stage as possible.  As tough as getting up in the middle of the night is, I really do enjoy that time when its just the two of us.  We know it won't be long until we have a silly toddler chasing his big sister around!

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