Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ty: 30 Week Update

Now that we are going to the doctor every two weeks, I hope to update more regularly.  Surely I can do that over the next 9.5 weeks…surely….the countdown has begun!

29 Weeks

Ty continues to be active all day every day - and night for that matter.  He doesn't stop.  I think he may have dropped a bit because I seem to be able to breathe a little better, still sleeping ok every other night it seems.  We saw the doctor for a quick check up at 30 weeks.  Our appointments seem to last all of 3 minutes.  I am up about 19 pounds, roughly the same as I was with Sawyer at this point and blood pressure is still good.

30 Weeks

Lori acts like she is being forced into taking these mug shots.  Not the case, totally voluntary - turning sideways and all.  Last week Brie and I went shopping on a mission to find some type of furniture for Ty's room.  I didn't want to get a dresser because I already have one in the closet, so I was hoping to find something for toy storage.  Ikea came through for us!  We spent one evening building it and I am so happy with the way it turned out!

The fabric I ordered came in so I will be taking it to Yoakum with us this weekend to have the curtains and pillows made.  Now on to finding things for the walls…

Sawyer has been practicing being a big sister.  She is SOOOOO into babies.  This day they all needed a bath in "brother's chair."  I have to tell her that it is only for babies & for Ty because she thinks that it is her own personal lounge chair.

And, her and Cora were helping "Evnyn" learn to walk.  I hope the sweetness and willingness to help continues!

Same scarf, different pregnancy.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ty: 28 Week Update

28 weeks is officially the start of the third trimester and I am so happy to be here.  Happy to be getting closer to meeting our son, totally anxious about having two kids, thankful to have made it this far without any complications and feeling like I still have a lot to do before he comes!  Rewinding a bit…

25 Weeks

This might be my favorite one so far…she is so sassy.

26 Weeks

We missed 27 weeks…we were in Alabama and it just didn't happen!  Right around this time is when the uncomfortable-ness started to set it.  I have been waking up a couple times every night and get short of breath really quickly.  I feel like its too soon for that, but its happening!

This is Sawyer's new go-to outfit.  She ends up in it at some point most days.  The shoes are rubbing blisters on her feet, but she doesn't care.  She must wear the "sparkedy" shoes.  I pick my battles…she has yet to ask to wear it out in public, but I'm waiting...

28 Weeks

We saw the doctor again at 28 weeks.  I had my gestational diabetes test, which came back normal, and had my first Rhogam shot.  And now we start seeing him every two weeks.  How are we there already?!?

A quick update on Ty's room…the crib and rocker are in and the bedding for the big bed is bought.  I have picked out fabric and have some ideas for curtains and wall decor, but that is as far as I have gotten.  Barry made a headboard that we still have to hang but here is what it looks like so far…

Not too much going on yet.  I swear my house isn't as dark as it always looks in all these pictures.  Maybe I need to break out that fancy camera of mine and take some better pictures!

And finally, a comparison at 28 weeks…

Still looking a little bigger with Sawyer (I think?).  Feeling WAY bigger with Ty.

And with that, I think I am FINALLY caught up!

Changes in 2014...

Obviously the biggest change that will happen this year (that we know of) will be when Ty is born in March.  But, there are a few other changes going on around here as well…

At the end of December, I picked Sawyer up from the UH Children's Learning Center for the last time. She had been in that school since she was about 14 weeks old and she LOVED it.  I did too, I cried when we left.  I'm sure she would have too if she would have understood that she wasn't going back there.  It was so hard to put her in daycare initially, but we couldn't have been happier with the place we chose for her first school.  It was so good for her.

She is no longer going to school there, because the day we returned from the bowl game was my last day as a full time employee at UH.

It was an extremely hard decision for me to decide to leave the job that I had always wanted and that I loved.  But, with the 2-3 hours per day in the car and the financial commitment of two kids in full time child care it just didn't make sense to continue in that position.  It was really very bittersweet because I am very much looking forward to my "new life" but will miss the job tremendously.  I cried when I left there too…I don't even think I can even blame the hormones…both goodbyes were genuinely difficult.

So now…the plan is for me to continue working part time doing some consulting/private counseling and teaching at UH.  I am very thankful that Barry has been totally supportive of me making this change and has done way more work than I have up to now as far as me starting my own business.  I have been enjoying a couple weeks of downtime and just hanging out with my girl.  I am really loving this time with just the two of us because her little world is about to get rocked come the end of March.  We have been sleeping in and snuggling…

making messes…

playing LOTS of princess and make-up…

and cooking and baking…

I am so happy to be back cooking again!  That part of my life had really taken a back seat and there were way more sandwiches and frozen pizzas for dinner than I care to admit.  So maybe, maybe, this blog will return to its roots and some recipes will appear again!  I also plan to get back to some sort of regular fitness routine, blog more regularly, and regain some sort of social life…I have missed my friends!  I have big plans for the new year…

Sawyer is still going to school, just two days per week now.  I found a school near us where she can continue her Spanish immersion.  We wanted to keep her in school so that I can have some time to work and just to maintain some of her "normal."  She has to wear a uniform every day and it is so stinking cute!  This was her on her first day…

I just love the little pleated skirts!

She is doing great in her new school and has adjusted quickly.  They seem to be doing a lot of fun things and speaking quite a bit more Spanish than she is used to, but I have been getting great reports from her teachers =)

She was so proud of her mariposa she couldn't wait to get home and show Daddy.  It has also been a little bit of unexpected adjustment for Lori!  She is used to be outside all day while we are gone and is now anxiously following me around ALL day.  She isn't quite sure what to think about me spending so much time in the office where all of her hunting things are…normally it is her and Barry's space (if you couldn't tell that from the spurs and fishing pliers (?) on the desk).

I'm sure she will get over it quickly when she realizes she can stay in her cozy bed in the air conditioner all day.  I think it will take some more getting used to for me, but I am happy with the changes and think it will be best for our family.  I am enjoying eating dinner earlier and having stress free evenings.  Sawyer is going to bed earlier and Barry and I have more time to spend together at night.  And, I certainly don't miss the Sunday evening anxiety of getting everything ready for the week…or the commute!  Not. One. Bit.

So, here's to 2014 and all the new things and changes that it will bring...

BBVA Compass Bowl

I was fortunate enough to accompany the UH football team to the BBVA Compass Bowl in Birmingham this year...I was really excited that Barry and Sawyer got to join too!  We left on a Tuesday afternoon and she was just as excited to ride on the bus as she was for anything.

We started telling Sawyer a while back that she was going to go on an airplane, trying to prepare her.  I was for sure she would be scared…probably because I am not totally comfortable flying…she seemed to be pretty excited, but she kept saying she just wanted me to "hold you."  Once we got on the plane, we tried to make her as comfortable as possible.  Pots…pie…and headphones.  The personal TV with Disney Jr. on didn't hurt either…

Our plan worked.  This was Sawyer before we even took off…

She stayed like this until we had about 10 minutes left in the flight.  Success!!

Once we got to the hotel she thoroughly enjoyed the hotel life!

The "elegators" were a huge hit.

As was playing golf in the hospitality room,

riding in the "yellow cars,"

and looking out the hotel window.  There was a billboard with Santa on it and she had to check and make sure he was there every day.


And do a little dance.  Since I was working for a lot of the time, Barry and Sawyer got to spend lots of time together!

They tried their best to stay entertained in a hotel with nothing around it and 20 something degree weather outside.

And even tried the freezing cold indoor pool.

Once game day rolled around, Sawyer was so excited that she could finally go to football.  She had a hard time understanding why she couldn't go to football with me all week.

Game day was pretty cold, and turned to really cold once our seats were no longer in the sun.

Fortunately, it didn't really phase Sawyer and she slept through a good bit of the game.

All in all, it was a good week and I am thankful that we were included.  But, we were SO happy to be home!

Christmas 2013

Christmas this year was especially fun.  Sawyer really got into it - she loved the idea of Santa (not the actual Santa), opening presents, spending extra time with family and the Kwissmath twee.  I, for some reason, had a "crafty" moment and decided to make Sawyer this tree - partly to entertain her, partly to give her her own tree to decorate and avoid broken ornaments on mine.


She wanted to hold her hand and give her hugs.  Maybe I will be creative again sometime - it was worth how happy she was!  She also had a little Christmas party at school, complete with loads of cookies, Santa hats and jingle bells.  The kids had been practicing singing Jingle Bells and Navidad and Sawyer put on quite the performance!


We tried visiting Santa.  Excuse my outfit…I didn't think I would actually have to be in the photo, but I should have known.  Every time we would talk about sitting on Santa's lap Sawyer's response was always, "I not can do dat.  You can hold you me, Mom."  Follow that??  Toddler speak.

Our first actual Christmas celebration was the weekend before Christmas in San Antonio.  We spent Saturday afternoon at Cindy & Kevin's house in little girl central!

Ty is going to be seriously outnumbered!  Sunday we did brunch at Wita's house and got to spend some extra time with everyone.  Lisa bought all the girls these "misters" which were a huge hit!

Sunday evening we had Christmas at our house - just the three of us.

Sawyer got make-up from mom and boots and a stick horse from daddy.  She was in heaven!!


Monday we hit the road again, this time to Yoakum.  We spent Tuesday (Christmas Eve) afternoon at Grandma Cowan's, of course taking part in the holiday tradition of seeing the newly born calves.

Followed by eating (lots!), presents and cousin time.  Sawyer will continue to be the outnumbered one on this side of the family.

We went to Christmas Eve service that night and then went back to Grandma & Pampa's (that name continues…) for another Christmas celebration.

Even Ty got a couple presents. =)

I got a fancy new camera, so there is a glimmer of hope (very small at this point) for the photography on this blog!  Christmas morning we went over to Granny's house for our 5th (!!!) Christmas.

This is Sawyer modeling her light-up Minnie Mouse heels.  Ridiculousness.

We then came back to Richmond to celebrate Christmas with my family…yes, still in PJs.

We had such a relaxing and wonderful week with family.  It was exhausting, but so much fun!

And…lesson learned:  you can buy ANYTHING and EVERYTHING princess themed.  There is a serious Disney princess explosion going on at our house.  

And, the next day…the first thing Sawyer said when she woke up was "where are my presents??"  She continues to ask where Santa is almost every day...