Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ty: 24 Week Update

Last I left off, we found out we were having a baby boy and had finally decided on a name for him.  And here I am 9 weeks later (what?!?) just now catching up!

21 Weeks 

I am very thankful that this continues to be an uneventful pregnancy and generally pretty easy.  The worst thing has been the heart burn.  I had it was Sawyer too, but it seems to be worse this time around.  Fortunately, my doctor was able to prescribe something that helps and I haven't had any since.  So…no complains here!

22 Weeks 

I wish I could blame these terrible pictures on lack of sleep, but I had still been sleeping pretty well at this point.  We saw the doctor again at 23 weeks, nothing new to report!  Weight and blood pressure continue to be on track.

23 Weeks

Sawyer continues to be crazy!  As does Ty.  He is SUPER active - much more so than I remember Sawyer being.  I feel like with Sawyer her active times were pretty predictable…with Ty…its All. The.Time.  We made our next appointment for after the new year and scheduled my gestational diabetes test for the same time.  Right after the holidays.  Perfect.

24 Weeks

I feel waaaaaaay bigger with Ty than I was with Sawyer, but looks like I was actually a little bigger with Sawyer.  I blame the feeling on Thanksgiving and Christmas…and my lack of self control.  And turning 30.

Glad to see I have stepped up my wardrobe over the past two years……...

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