Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas this year was especially fun.  Sawyer really got into it - she loved the idea of Santa (not the actual Santa), opening presents, spending extra time with family and the Kwissmath twee.  I, for some reason, had a "crafty" moment and decided to make Sawyer this tree - partly to entertain her, partly to give her her own tree to decorate and avoid broken ornaments on mine.


She wanted to hold her hand and give her hugs.  Maybe I will be creative again sometime - it was worth how happy she was!  She also had a little Christmas party at school, complete with loads of cookies, Santa hats and jingle bells.  The kids had been practicing singing Jingle Bells and Navidad and Sawyer put on quite the performance!


We tried visiting Santa.  Excuse my outfit…I didn't think I would actually have to be in the photo, but I should have known.  Every time we would talk about sitting on Santa's lap Sawyer's response was always, "I not can do dat.  You can hold you me, Mom."  Follow that??  Toddler speak.

Our first actual Christmas celebration was the weekend before Christmas in San Antonio.  We spent Saturday afternoon at Cindy & Kevin's house in little girl central!

Ty is going to be seriously outnumbered!  Sunday we did brunch at Wita's house and got to spend some extra time with everyone.  Lisa bought all the girls these "misters" which were a huge hit!

Sunday evening we had Christmas at our house - just the three of us.

Sawyer got make-up from mom and boots and a stick horse from daddy.  She was in heaven!!


Monday we hit the road again, this time to Yoakum.  We spent Tuesday (Christmas Eve) afternoon at Grandma Cowan's, of course taking part in the holiday tradition of seeing the newly born calves.

Followed by eating (lots!), presents and cousin time.  Sawyer will continue to be the outnumbered one on this side of the family.

We went to Christmas Eve service that night and then went back to Grandma & Pampa's (that name continues…) for another Christmas celebration.

Even Ty got a couple presents. =)

I got a fancy new camera, so there is a glimmer of hope (very small at this point) for the photography on this blog!  Christmas morning we went over to Granny's house for our 5th (!!!) Christmas.

This is Sawyer modeling her light-up Minnie Mouse heels.  Ridiculousness.

We then came back to Richmond to celebrate Christmas with my family…yes, still in PJs.

We had such a relaxing and wonderful week with family.  It was exhausting, but so much fun!

And…lesson learned:  you can buy ANYTHING and EVERYTHING princess themed.  There is a serious Disney princess explosion going on at our house.  

And, the next day…the first thing Sawyer said when she woke up was "where are my presents??"  She continues to ask where Santa is almost every day...

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