Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ty: 30 Week Update

Now that we are going to the doctor every two weeks, I hope to update more regularly.  Surely I can do that over the next 9.5 weeks…surely….the countdown has begun!

29 Weeks

Ty continues to be active all day every day - and night for that matter.  He doesn't stop.  I think he may have dropped a bit because I seem to be able to breathe a little better, still sleeping ok every other night it seems.  We saw the doctor for a quick check up at 30 weeks.  Our appointments seem to last all of 3 minutes.  I am up about 19 pounds, roughly the same as I was with Sawyer at this point and blood pressure is still good.

30 Weeks

Lori acts like she is being forced into taking these mug shots.  Not the case, totally voluntary - turning sideways and all.  Last week Brie and I went shopping on a mission to find some type of furniture for Ty's room.  I didn't want to get a dresser because I already have one in the closet, so I was hoping to find something for toy storage.  Ikea came through for us!  We spent one evening building it and I am so happy with the way it turned out!

The fabric I ordered came in so I will be taking it to Yoakum with us this weekend to have the curtains and pillows made.  Now on to finding things for the walls…

Sawyer has been practicing being a big sister.  She is SOOOOO into babies.  This day they all needed a bath in "brother's chair."  I have to tell her that it is only for babies & for Ty because she thinks that it is her own personal lounge chair.

And, her and Cora were helping "Evnyn" learn to walk.  I hope the sweetness and willingness to help continues!

Same scarf, different pregnancy.

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