Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ty: 32 Week Update

I have this feeling of UGGHH I still have 8 more weeks left mixed with total panic of OMG I only have 8 more weeks left!  How is this going by so quickly?!?

We didn't take pics at 31 weeks because I was in the middle of the world's longest lasting sinus infection - I just wasn't interested in documenting that.  But here is 32.

We saw the doctor again, with nothing new to report.  His heartbeat was 138 and my weight is the same as it was last time.  Every time they listen to his heartbeat the nurse comments about how active he is "today".  I know.  I am VERY aware of how active he is all day every day - and night for that matter!  I have actually been sleeping really great lately - post sinus infection - there were a couple rough nights in there.  I have been having a lot of contractions lately too, but the doctor didn't seem too concerned.  They don't hurt at this point, just more annoying than anything really.

Ty's room currently looks like this.

Thanks to a giant box of Olsen's hand-me-downs that Kasey gave me that I just couldn't wait to open, but couldn't be bothered to put away.  Backwards progress.

At least someone is enjoying all the baby gear laying around.  We were sitting at breakfast yesterday and she told me in this really dramatic/sad/pathetic sounding tone "I miss my brudder."  She talks about "Ty Broccoli" all the time - let the nicknaming begin - but it is so sweet.  This week she has been really into hugging him - sure I will take the extra snuggles!

32 Weeks
All these pictures are taken in the same place, in front of the same wall on the same floor - neither of which we have changed since I was pregnant with Sawyer.  Guess that's the difference between using a real camera last time and my phone this time - I always thought that iPhone 5 camera was so great.  Or maybe its the photographer??????

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