Friday, November 21, 2014

Ty: 7 Months

I feel like Ty changed so much between 6 and 7 months.

His personality is really starting to come out and he just seems like he is quickly moving out of being a baby.

He is so, so happy and so sweet.  But...he is also starting to throw little fits when I take something from him or walk out of his sight.

He has lots of new tricks this month.  He sits...

and has figured out how to crawl over the past month.

One of his favorite toys

He isn't super fast yet, but any day now.  Over the past month, he went to his first football game in Dallas.

We got to meet up with all my girlfriends from high school which was such a highlight of our weekend.  I loved introducing Ty to all my friends, and meeting some of their kiddos for the first time.

We also were in Yoakum on Grandma Cowan's birthday so we were able to celebrate with her and her friends at Dairy Queen.

He started sitting in the grocery cart.  He loves it and flirts with anyone and everyone.  But mostly gets angry that he can't steal Sawyer's snacks.

Eating and sleeping  We gave Ty some Puffs for the first time and they made him terribly sick.  We ended up at the pediatricians office with a potential soy allergy to add to the milk protein allergy.  I am hoping we will do some sort of blood testing at his 9 month appointment so we can get some more for sure answers.  Fortunately, though, he is all of a sudden really liking any fruits and veggies that I make for him.  The only thing he doesn't like right now is peaches.  STILL not sleeping through the night, still up every 3-4 hours to eat then right back to sleep.  Still not taking a bottle.

I keep trying to remind myself that this is only a season and I will soon miss this, but geeze I'm tired!!    Ty LOVES going to Mother's Day Out.  I am so thankful for his teachers and the 8 hours a week I can go to work.

He also really, really loves Sawyer.  He gets the biggest smile on his face every morning when he sees her.  He also really loves pulling her hair.  She is so sweet to him; her favorite game to play is that she is the mom, I am the dad, Ty is the daughter and her baby of choice for the day is Ty.

I'm sure he doesn't love it, but this is how we currently spend most mornings!  His other favorite thing is Lori.  His head is on a swivel whenever she is in the house and he watches her every move and does everything he can to get his hands on her.

We enjoyed some great weather and were able to spend quite a few evenings in the backyard hanging out.

The weekend that we were in Yoakum, the photo albums ended coming out and we came across this.

Could they look anymore alike?!?  Ty weights about 20 pounds, is wearing size 4 diapers and 9 months clothes.  He has two teeth, bottom middle, which popped up a few days after he turned 7 months.  It has been a fun month, I am sure any day now he will be all over the place and into everything!