My Story

So I decided to start a blog...I shared a recipe with my mom when she was visiting last and it was a hit!  She sent it to my aunts, cousins and others I'm sure.  I thought it might be fun to share some of my recipes with family and friends.  Don't get my wrong, I am no gourmet, fancy, knock-your-socks off cook - I am more of a throw it all in a crock pot and pray for the best kinda girl!  But I enjoy making quick, easy, healthy dinners!

My with my Mom, Grandma, Aunts, Sisters & Cousins at an award dinner for my Uncle.
I was raised in a family where my mom cooked dinner every night (Thanks Mom!) but I never took an interest in cooking...AT ALL!  I'm not quite sure what I ate in college for 4 years (or 6...I love to learn =D) besides the occasional spaghetti dinner - which is my favorite!  Hence the blog name.  I do, however, remember calling Mom once to find out how to cook chicken on the stove...the smoke alarm went off.  Fail.  

Me with my Mom & Sisters
Mom & her son-in-laws - her new kids!

BUT...since I got married and got some wonderful kitchen gadgets (and have someone else to eat with) I have come around to the whole cooking thing.  I actually love to cook!

The gift table at our wedding...look at all those kitchen gadgets!!

Which is pretty fitting since I am a Registered Dietitian - I talk about food for a living.  My favorite part of cooking is making over recipes - which doesn't always work out so well (which my husband can attest to - such a good sport!).  I love to find ways to add nutritional value, decrease fat and calories, add shortcuts (I can be a little lazy sometimes - I admit it) but I promise to only share the good ones!

This is Barry's kind of cooking...
I decided to call this blog "Spaghetti with Sprinkles" because I LOVE spaghetti and my favorite dessert is chocolate cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles ( a staple in my family)...not so fitting for a Dietitian, but I can't help it!  Don't get me wrong I love a good piece of fish and I eat all my veggies but there is nothing like a piece of cake for breakfast on your only comes once a year, right?!? 

Me with my sisters on Brie's 16th birthday...she's a big fan of the sprinkle cake too!
Now the real "about me."  I have a bachelors in Nutritional Science and masters in Kinesiology/Sport Management from Texas A&M.  I then went on to complete the requirements to become a registered dietitian through the University of Houston.  I passed the exam to be an RD (thank goodness!!).  I love all things nutrition but my passion is sports.  I have been working in sports nutrition since 2004 and am now the Performance Nutritionist for the University of Houston Athletic Department...and getting used to wearing red instead of maroon!  I love to cook (obviously), work out, shop and hang out with my wonderful husband.

My Aggie family! =)