Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ty: 34 Week Update

I have officially reached the point of uncomfortable.  With 6 more weeks to go……..

I feel GIANT and little things are all the sudden much more difficult to do - laundry, putting shoes on - exhausting!  Sleeping is on and off.  Some nights its is the best sleep ever! Some nights its like I didn't sleep but ten minutes.

I did have a wonderful surprise baby shower during this week though.  We had our usual monthly small group bible study scheduled and someone sent a text saying dinner would be provided so come hungry…no problem.  I just thought someone wanted to treat us or had a gift card or something.  I guess I saw a couple baby gifts but really didn't think anything of it since we are having baby boom #2 in our group, the little cakes didn't even register with me - they finally clued me in that it was a shower for me!  I was so surprised.  I am beyond thankful for this group of women to go through life with.  They are great friends who are always challenging me and inspiring me to grow in my faith, which I truly appreciate.  And they throw fun parties =)  Sawyer was also very thankful for the "cuuuuuuuute" baby presents and had to try this "yacket" on "It's fit me, mom?"

We had our 34 week appointment today.  Last night was clearly one of those nights where I didn't sleep much…

But everything went well.  His heart beat was 140 and I gained a couple pounds.  We go again in two weeks and then start weekly appointments.

In the meantime, Sawyer is LOVING all the extra baby stuff around.  She is baby obsessed.  And pie (paci) obsessed.

She insisted that we take her baby on a walk when the weather finally warmed up a bit - I foresee a lot a walks with Ty & friends in the future.

I was really feeling lately like he is WAY bigger than Sawyer was at this point, but after looking at old pictures, looks like I was bigger with Sawyer.

We are so close to finishing Ty's room. I have done more since I took these pictures, but here's a glance…

I love the way the headboard turned out!  Barry did an awesome job...

It is finally all coming together!

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