Thursday, February 6, 2014

January Birthdays

Side note: I decided to change the name of my blog.  I was totally sick of the other name/design/layout…everything...and since there are going to be four of us now, I think we can be considered a "bunch."  I am working on changing the look of it, but I'm not that great with this whole design thing - or patience - so in time…

We have a lot of family birthdays in January and this year we attended a lot of celebrations for those birthdays!  Sawyer is really into birthdays, she usually tells me Happy Birthday at least once a day so she had such a blast at all the parties!  The cake didn't hurt either.  The first was Evelyn's first birthday.

Becky and Michael had a small get together at their house one afternoon to celebrate Evy's first year.  We were all really excited for her to get to eat her cake because she is a great eater…she did not disappoint and provided quite the entertainment while she put a big dent in her cake!!

She also enjoyed opening her presents - we looked over at one point to find her sitting there by herself digging through bags.

And, watching the big girls be crazy!  I love the way she watches them and looks at them like they are just nuts.  Which isn't totally off base sometimes…

Next up was Brie's 20th birthday.  I can't believe she is 20.

My parents had a wonderful dinner at their house to celebrate.  These little girls just love Pee-Pee/Brie-Brie.

Then Brody & Blake's 4th birthday party was up!  Tammy had their party out in the country - which to Sawyer immediately means "I drive Daddy!"

After a quick visit to the cows, it was time to play.  She was hanging with all the boys proving her love for football.

The boys had a Jake and The Neverland Pirates party.  Logan wasn't too sure about it!

They were all 1000% sure about Grandma's cupcakes though and couldn't wait to dig in!

After the boys opened their presents…

everyone hung out by the fire.  You better believe Sawyer stayed reeeeeeeeal close to Pampa and that bag of marshmallows.

Sawyer had such a fun time driving Cora & Evelyn's Dora car, she was so excited to get to drive the tractors too.  The side of the barn and tires on the trucks parked out there didn't fare so well with Sawyer behind the wheel, but she had fun.

Sawyer wore this hat for a few days after we came home and kept saying she wanted to go the party again.

And just so that you can all see what a talented husband I have…

He found these stilts in the storage building…and fortunately didn't break any bones while trying them out!  Another fun weekend in Yoakum!

And a fun month of celebrating all the birthdays!

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