Thursday, March 27, 2014

Boening Party of FOUR

On Monday, March 24th at 5:35 PM 6 lb 13 oz, 20 inch Ty Buckley Boening was born.

But backing up a bit…here comes a long one…Sunday night Barry and I dropped Sawyer off at Becky & Michael's to spend the night.  Espana Princess dress and all…

After hanging out for a while, we went to see a movie to pass some time.  We weren't supposed to be at the hospital until after midnight.  Once we checked in and got settled, the waiting began…

They started Pitocin around 3 AM, broke my water around 10 AM, gave me an epidural that morning as well, and things were progressing quickly.  What we didn't know was the the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and that would throw a wrench in the plan.  It didn't end up being a big deal, but his heart rate was kind of erratic throughout the day so they kept having to adjust the Pitocin to slow things down and regulate it.  But it was a LONG day.  Not necessarily that hard, because I had the epidural so early and we really were just waiting.  Once it was "go-time" it only took about 30 minutes for him to be born.  

By this time, Ty had quite the gathering in the waiting room!

We are so thankful for all the family that took great care of Sawyer and came up to meet Ty!

Barry's dad, "Pampaw", was there too but somehow snuck out of all the pictures!!  And of course, Ty's aunts.  Brie obviously wasn't there, but was on FaceTime within 30 minutes of him being born…and a few times since!

Ty has light-colored, fuzzy hair, deep blue eyes, and looks just like Sawyer except he has has two giant dimples…just like these two…

As for Sister Sawyer, she is doing great.

She was very excited to see Ty the first night, but that was about it - just see him.  She didn't want to give him kisses or hold him or anything - all her grandparents, cousins and her own new baby doll were much more exciting!

The next day, Grandma brought her up to the hospital after school and she was much more into him.  She brought Ty a balloon and a teddy bear she picked out on her own and she wanted to hold him.

I can't believe this is really my life!  

We were able to go home Tuesday night after all of Ty's labs checked out ok.  Because I have a negative blood type and he is positive, he is what is called Coombs positive.  It isn't a big deal, except that it puts him at a higher risk for jaundice.  We went through the same thing with Sawyer, except her levels were much higher and she had to spend some time in the baby tanning booth.  As soon as they cleared us, we were out the door!

Whenever we got home, Barry took Ty in first, she was already home with my mom.  When I walked in a few minutes later she said, "Mom, look whose here!!!"

They let us go from the hospital a night early on the condition that we would take him to the pediatrician the next day.  She wasn't concerned about his color and said his weight was great.  We have to take him back to the hospital tomorrow to check labs one more time just in case.  

But in the meantime, we have been enjoying the down time at home and are starting to settle in nicely!

Welcome to the world Ty Buckley!!

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  1. Congrats! He is absolutely precious. Killer dimples. I LOVE the pictures. It's especially awesome to see the ones with your parents. Enjoy your new little guy!


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