Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ty's Room

Ty's room is officially done…finally.

I am really happy with the way it turned out.  I had picked out the two fabrics that I wanted to use for curtains and pillows and just kind of pieced the rest together…fortunately it all worked!  I am planning to hang that banner that is just draped on the headboard on the wall, but need some longer arms and/or another person or two to get that done.  I bought that sheep skin rug a while back from my friend's brother and his wife who were missionaries in Africa.  My intention was always to use it in a little boy's room if I ever had one.

We tried to do a lot of it ourselves and use/repurpose things we already had…the cost of decorating a room from nothing is no joke!  Barry made the headboard, I did the animal mounts above the crib.  That is Barry's horse quilt on the chair from when he was a baby - his grandma made it for him.

We had that big piece of wood above the bookshelf just sitting in our office and it just happened to work perfectly in there, it has antlers coming off of it where you can hang things and a shelf on it…can't really tell in the picture.  Some day it will hold little baseball caps and trophies I'm sure.

The 2B is Barry's cattle brand - also the reasoning behind both kids having B middle names.  When we were doing Sawyer's room I had a plaque made with a bible verse (Psalm 91:4) on it that sort of went with the bird theme of her room and that would be "her" verse.  So, I wanted to do the same for Ty - which is what is in the frame.  We ended up choosing Joshua 1:9.  "Be strong and courageous…"

And, I found this on Etsy and thought the words were just perfect for a little boy.  So, now all we need is the actual little boy!  

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