Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ty: 39 Week (and last one!) Update

It is finally here... we are going into the hospital tonight to start the induction process and will hopefully be holding our baby boy at this time tomorrow - and will have been for a few hours.

If all goes as planned, our doctor thinks he should be born early afternoon.  Although I do enjoy being pregnant for the most part, and have been very fortunate to have uncomplicated generally easy pregnancies, I am more than ready to get rid of heartburn and maternity jeans!

The plan is to go into the hospital after midnight tonight, same as we did with Sawyer - but this time I was smart enough to take pictures while I was still dressed and not at midnight half asleep.  I still think I look a lot bigger with Sawyer even though they say Ty is bigger than she was.  I gained the exact same amount of weight with both, guess I am just carrying him differently?

And poor Lori.  I think she is still in denial that Sawyer is a permanent member of our household - she's in for a real treat when we bring home another one!  Sawyer helped me get the carseat all situated in the car the other day so we are totally ready… see you soon Ty!!

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