Friday, March 14, 2014

Rodeo 2014

I wasn't sure we were going to make it to the rodeo this year with Ty's impending arrival, but my dad was able to get enough tickets to treat us all last weekend and it did not disappoint!  I had to make a quick stop for work down town before we met up with everyone, so we decided to go out to breakfast at a Houston hot spot - The Breakfast Klub.  Also did not disappoint.

Sawyer eats an Eggo waffle with peanut butter most mornings, something we started when I was working and was easy to eat in the car, she loves it so we continue.  But, she has never had syrup and hasn't really ever gotten into pancakes.  Until last weekend.  We let Sawyer have syrup for the first time.  She was taking the tiniest bites ever so she could maximize her dipping.  And, ate almost the whole giant pancake.

When we got to the parking lot, a million miles away from the actual rodeo, Sawyer asked if we were there.  I told her that was the rodeo and asked her if she loved it - "I wove the rodeo!  Its so beuuuful!"
We spent the first part of the day looking at all the animals in the stock show and visiting the petting zoo.  The girls were in heaven!

Then Sawyer told me it was time for a nap (???) and passed out in her stroller.

Everyone else enjoyed some of the rodeo food.  Chicken fried bacon for Cora, Chicken on a Stick for Ev!

Then it was time for the actual rodeo.  Cora is obsessed with cowgirls, cowgirl hats, lassos, etc - it was so fun to see her excitement!

Sawyer was much more timid about the whole thing.  The fireworks at the beginning terrified her so took her a little while to warm up to it.  (It was our week with the class pet, Periquito Azul, hence the parrot…we have to take pictures and document our time with him in the class notebook.)

Much like last year

But once she got over that, they had a great time!

After the rodeo, we went to visit the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department tent.  Barry's cousin was working there and offered to show the girls around and let them pet the snakes and alligators.  They loved looking at them and doing the different activities in there.  I love their faces in these pictures!

The day ended with some fried cookie dough…amazing.  Who knew?!?

Looking forward to taking a little cowboy with us next year!

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