Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ty: 38 Week Update

Al.  most.  There.  5 more days and counting now.

We had what will be our last doctor's appointment today.  We had an ultrasound, which unfortunately wasn't very exciting - he is of the size now that you can't really see anything on the ultrasound anymore.  But, he is head down and somewhere between 6 & 7 pounds - presumably bigger than Sawyer was when she was born.  Everything else checked out well and we got the go ahead to induce next week.  We decided to go ahead and do it on Monday.  Why wait?!?

My wedding ring has found its place in the safe and not on my finger and my shoes are starting to get a bit snug.  That being said, I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore and meet this baby boy.  His room is ready, our bags are packed and Sawyer is ready to play blocks with her brother.  I can't wait to see her as a sister, she talks about "Ty Buck-a-ly" all the time and how she wants to change his "biaper" and give him milk.  We will see if all this meets her expectations!

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