Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ty: 36 Week Update

Ty's birthday month has arrived…I thought it never would!  I have a feeling these last few weeks are going to fly by.

Last Monday, when I was 35 weeks The Today Show was doing a #nomakeupmonday.  I participated, obviously.  Sawyer dressed herself - the whole ensemble was quite a sight to see.

Not much to report baby wise during week 35, but the Pawelek's did move to Houston which is fantastic!

And they live right on the way to the hospital - so just incase Ty decides to come in the middle of the night Sawyer will be having her first of many sleepovers over there…works out very nicely for us!

We had our 36 week appointment yesterday, which is the start of our weekly appointments.

Ty has dropped a bit and I am starting to progress, but the doctor didn't think anything would happen this week.  He gave us the notes from my chart for this pregnancy to take to the hospital though, just in case.

When I make these collages I always go back and read the post from the same week when I was pregnant with Sawyer…I had it was more together last time.  Not surprising.  We are hoping to get Ty's room totally finished this week and have started packing hospital bags so thats a start!  I think after this weekend I will be totally ready to meet this little boy!

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