Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Jewelry Thieves

Sawyer and Cora have a thing for jewelry. Especially my mom's jewelry, which she keeps in the very back corner of her closet. Tonight they were supposed to be "going to sleep". (Taking a nap if you ask Sawyer). Together. In the same bed. I think they thought they out smarted us that we actually let them do that.

I went to check on them because it was awfully quiet. I thought they had actually fallen asleep. Right. Silly me. Looked under the covers, in the bathroom, around the bed. No where. Then I heard some jingling. Busted. 

Sawyer was standing on that stool pulling necklaces off the wall and handing them to Cora. I sent them back to bed and started putting everything away and two minutes later Sawyer walked back into the closet. "Here mom". My mom's wedding ring. Perfect. 

My mom went in to talk to the thieves and Sawyers explanation:

"We just take them off and wear them. We share with you. But then Tara took them away from me and my cousin."

Excuse me, what?!? Principal Fernandez is currently in there addressing the situation. 

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