Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break 2012

I am so behind on my blogging - but, in my defense (major excuse) our internet at home hardly works - to be fixed tomorrow - FINALLY!

So, I am playing catch up today.  Sawyer had quite an eventful spring break this year.  We spent the first weekend in Yoakum hanging with family.

We had a really nice low-key weekend of nothing!  Then on Monday, Sawyer's Grandma, Aunts Tammy& Cara & her cousins, Brody & Blake came down to Houston to go to the zoo - we were all really impressed with the Houston zoo and had another fun day hanging out.

Tuesday night my Mom & Mimi came down to Houston to hang out with Sawyer because I still had to work.  Sawyer got to do a lot of relaxing!

Thursday was Cora's first birthday!  Becky and Michael planned to bring her down and take her to the Children's Museum that night - but the rest of Houston had the same plans.  So, we walked around the Houston Garden Center and Herman Park instead.

Then Sunday was Cora's First Fiesta!

She is way into clapping!

We had a really nice week - got to see a lot of family and spend a lot of time together.  Too bad Spring Break only comes around once a year.

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