Monday, July 7, 2014

Sawyer: 2.5 years

I thought I would do up update on Sawyer since it has been a while and she is now officially 2.5.

Going on 16.  She is so much fun right now and has a huge, hilarious personality and imagination.

But, this is probably the most challenging part of parenting yet - she has opinions, very strong ones, she argues and we are working on potty training - which was going really well until about a month ago when she decided she no longer wanted to be potty trained, so she is fully back in diapers.  I think its part of the "big sister" adjustment, which is obviously the biggest change in her life over the last 6 months.  She LOVES her Ty-Ty/Buddy Buddy/Buds though and is a great big sister!

She is always bringing him toys and singing him songs.  She gets really worried when he cries and always tells me he's so hungry.  She is very helpful; she brings me diapers or wipes and helps me bathe him.

She is still going to The Spanish Schoolhouse and is doing great with speaking and understanding Spanish.  She is always talking about her friends and her teachers.

This was her report card from the end of the year…describes her to a T!

She is a serious Daddy's girl.

She loves to go to Yoakum with him to see the cows.  The first think she says to me most mornings is "Where is my daddy?"  The answer is usually work, but if I say something else she says "No, mom he's at work."

She loves to help me in the kitchen.  I was hoping this would help her to be a more adventurous eater, but no such luck.  She is still pretty picky.  She likes most fruit, loves peas and corn, and is pretty indifferent when it comes to meat.  He favorite things are anything with peanut butter on it (waffles, sandwiches - no jelly, bananas, spoons…), trail mix, nuts of all kinds, beans, cheese, pasta and anything and everything sweet.

She is obsessed with ALL things Disney Princess.

She is also obsessed with all of her animals.  She sleeps with all of them, Chops/Pots/Potsy/Chopsy (depends on the day) is her favorite.  She naps wonderfully and usually says right after lunch that she is ready to go rest.  But, bedtime is another story.  I think we have finally turned  a corner, but we have had quite the battles some nights.  She comes up with EVERY excuse in the book not to go to bed.

Her favorite things to play are "Check-up," babies, and anything outside.  She likes to read stories, but prefers to read them to us rather than us read to her most of the time.  She is super, super independent.

She loves to go to story time at the library, is super into having picnics and is beyond obsessed with her cousins.  She talks about them all constantly.

Her favorite color is purple.  She is pretty good at her colors, but she gets purple right every time.  She loves jewelry and she loves "Daddy's Lori."  Her Lori is the stuffed one she sleeps with.

She had her first hair cut - it took a lot of coaxing but her and Cora finally did it together.

Most days she asks for me to "brave" (braid) her hair.  I also took her to her first movie, Rio 2.  She loves Rio because the mascot at her school is a blue parrot, Periquito Azul.  She thinks the movie is about Periquito Azul.  Ty was a few weeks old, I figured he would sleep through the whole thing.  I figured wrong.  I was so glad Mimi was there to go with us - she was so helpful since Sawyer had to go to the bathroom at least 3 times.

She is so so so sweet and so sassy too!  She is always giving complements and always asking to help with whatever I am doing.  She gives random hugs and kisses to her "flamily" and tells me she loves me - its the best.

I love you so much my baby girl, Squeaker!!

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