Saturday, August 13, 2011

23 Weeks

This week has flown by!!  14 hour work days will do that to you I guess!  As exhausting as it is, its been a really fun week...I have never been more thankful for my job.  I am feeling pretty good, just be expected.  But the constant eating all day is keeping me going for sure!  People have started to ask if I am pregnant and when I am due and all that...which I am actually pretty excited about because maybe that means I am looking more than just a little chubby now.  I think some of the athletes are relieved to know that their dietitian isn't just packing on the pounds for no reason =)  I am almost to the 10 pound mark...moving up quickly with all these food desserts around (I sort of feel like its my job to sample everything...maybe?)...but trying to keep the weight gain as slow as possible so I am getting my veggies and cardio in every day.  And speaking of veggies, Sawyer is the size of an ear of corn this week...whatever that means.  She is about 8.5 inches long, gaining about 6 oz a week and kicking me ALL the time!

I had my intern take my pictures at work today (she probably thinks I am a total weirdo!) because Barry left before I got up yesterday to go out of town, so they are one day late.  I am also very thankful for interns so I could get an extra hour or two of sleep!

That is my shirt wrinkled...not my belly button sticking out =)
Off to the stadium...we have our first scrimmage today.  This will be my first non-Aggie "game" and I'm pretty excited about it!  Then a bachelorette party tonight and off to a team retreat with volleyball tomorrow (the location is still a secret to the team, but I know where we are going and I am EXCITED!)...oh August...

I hope to get back to cooking again soon, one more week of preseason camps left.  I did manage to make Barry dinner one night this week so I will post that recipe when I get back in town Tuesday, hopefully!

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