Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sawyer's Birthday Part 2

We had quite a party for Sawyer's birthday!  Barry and I are so fortunate to live close enough to our families that they were all able to come and visit us in the hospital and meet Sawyer.  Friday was filled with lots of visitors for this lucky little girl...

Three of her four great grandmothers came to see her - the fourth is coming to visit her this weekend!

All of her aunts were there...

Aunt Tammy
Aunt Cara
Aunt Becky
Aunt Brie
And her cousins...

Brody - Blake was asleep in the car so I didn't get a picture
And her uncles...

Uncle Mike
Uncle Derek
And then there was Friday night.  We hung out for a while, just the three of us, for the first time.

And then the nurse came in to tell us that Sawyer had a Coombs positive blood test - which in a nutshell means that she will get jaundice and it will happen quickly.  It's not a big deal and is a result of us having different blood types.  But it did require treatment that night.  So she had to spend the night under phototherapy lights in the NICU.  It was so hard leaving her in there.  But, Barry went and rented us some movies and bought me some candy (always makes me feel better!) and we settled in for the night.

We were allowed to visit her whenever we wanted to and we could go there or they would bring her to us every 3 hours to feed her.  We also had to start supplementing her diet with formula, which has actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Barry is able to feed Sawyer and she is learning to take a bottle as well as nurse - and she is doing great!

After all of her tests came back ok on Saturday morning we were able to take our little girl home!

I have tons of pictures from her first week at home, she has had more visitors and lots of firsts - but I will save those for another post...its cuddle time!

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