Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Week 2 Update

I'm a little late with this update - Sawyer is somehow 3 weeks old tomorrow, but I was too busy over the weekend laying in bed doing nothing. We all were.

We have been fortunate enough to have had visitors pretty much every day since Sawyer was born so this was really the first weekend it was just the three of us.  We took full advantage of some quality family time!

We took Sawyer to the doctor last Friday for her 2 week check up. She was 6.5 lbs and 21 1/8 inches long. That was a huge jump in height, she is now in about the 75th percentile. She is less than 10 percentile for weight, but the doctor said as long as she is gaining weight, she is happy.

After the doctor, we went by Barry's office...

Since she gained weight we no longer have to wake her to eat. She was doing really well waking up on her own every 3-4 hours day and night, but that stopped today.  I started this post while I was up at 4 am last night hanging out with a WIDE awake baby.

She had been awake pretty much all day, would only sleep if I was holding her and woke up as soon as I put her down. Not so fun for mom! Although I am loving all the cuddling, I don't want her to get used to this!  But today...she seems to be back to her old self, sleeping in her swing...

Becky & Cora and our friends Kristin & Julia came to visit last week.  I didn't get a picture because trying to capture 3 babies is nearly impossible.  But, they brought her TONS of their hand me down clothes so we did some dressing up!

Thanks girls!  And, Sawyer got a package from my work - she is ready to go to some Cougar games!! How cute are those Nikes???

Sawyer also took her first nap in her crib.  She normally sleeps in her bassinet by our bed or her swing or bouncy seat, but I thought I would see how she liked her crib.  I think she liked it...even though she looks totally lost!

We also had Sawyer's newborn pictures taken.  Barry's cousin Kim came to our house and did an AWESOME job photographing Sawyer.

Barry and I are getting the hang of things.  He is more than happy to take over as soon as he gets home so I can get some last minute Christmas errands, wrapping and what not done.

I will post some more of her newborn ones next time - there were so many good ones!

I have not stepped foot in the kitchen since Sawyer was born, when our moms were here they did a lot of cooking for us and some of our friends have brought us dinner recently, which is very much appreciated!  I think I might venture back in there tonight though, so hopefully I will have recipes again in the near future!

We are looking forward to spending the weekend with our families for Sawyer's first Christmas.  She has lots of relatives to meet still!

I need to go work on my Christmas cards...which are slowly turning into New Year's cards...

Merry Christmas from us and our little Christmas miracle who we are falling more in love with every day...

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