Sunday, January 29, 2012

Newborn Necessities

Having had a newborn for just over 8 weeks now (how did that happen so quickly?!?!), I have discovered a few things that I would not have survived without!  This is mostly for my own personal reference for when I have another baby, but maybe someone out there might find this useful!

We use an iPhone app called Baby Connect to track Sawyer's feedings, diapers, weight, length, shots, etc...This app is AMAZING!  If it weren't for this I would have know idea when and how much Sawyer was eating...I have zero memory!  There are also tons of other things you can track that I don't use it for such as activity, sleep, drop off & pick up times.  The best part is that the app syncs between my phone and Barry's.  So, whenever I put a feeding or diaper or whatever in, Barry gets a notification on his phone too.  It's very helpful and well worth the $5!

The Mama Roo Swing has also been a life saver.  Sawyer will nap for hours in it.  I realize that she looks very uncomfortable...but we are going on 2 hours of this current nap.  It did not come with the fuzzy insert, but she isn't so into the swing without it so I keep it in there.  And, it is very easy to wash - if a diaper explosion were to occur in the swing...hypothetically speaking of course...

We love our video monitor.  We put Sawyer to bed between 8-9 every night with the hopes of getting some things done in the house and spending some time together, but we spend a lot of that time watching her on the monitor!

A good diaper bag is a must have.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I decided that I wanted a Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag.  I love that it can be carried on your shoulder, or as a backpack - which is super convenient when I am trying to juggle a car seat and anything else in the other hand.  And, a built in changing bad is really convenient as well.  This is not the pattern I have, but you get the idea!

Since we can't put blankets in Sawyer's crib with her, and she refuses to be swaddled because she sleeps like this...yes, she fell asleep on her changing pad while I was changing her diaper.

Hands over her head, all the time.  So we use these sleep sacks to keep her warm.

And her bath chair.  She loves taking a bath, and I think it is because of this chair.  We put it in the sink and let the warm water run down her back.  Its was the perfect size for her when we first brought her home and we should be able to continue to use it for a while too.  This is actually Cora's, but we have one pretty works great in the actual bath tub too.

She loves the bath, but the getting out part...not so much...till we wrap her up in her hoodie towel...another must!

Breast feeding necessities - if this topic bothers you - stop reading now!  This might be too much information, but I wish I would have known about these things sooner, so maybe this will help someone out.  Breast feeding was really difficult for us at first, painful for me and frustrating for Sawyer - these Lansinoh Soothies kept me sane.  

And, I will be going back to work in a few short weeks and would like to continue to breast feed Sawyer as long as possible so I will have to pump.  I don't have a hands free pump, but turns out there are about ten million other things I would rather be doing with my hands.  So I got this Hand Free Pumping Bra.  I will spare you the picture, you can go to the website if you want to see!  It allows me to be get caught up on emails on whatnot rather that just sitting there.

Sawyer is such an easy going baby; she is always smiling and will sleep anywhere...(I didn't love the Boppy for breastfeeding, but its great now that she is big enough to do this!)

We feel very blessed to have such a happy baby, but all these things have definitely made the experience go even more smoothly!

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