Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2 Months

Our baby girl is 2 months old today!

This bow did not look quite so HUGE in person...
And, she couldn't be happier about it!

She has changed so much in the last month.  As I am going through these pictures, I can't even believe it!

She is such a happy baby, it was so easy to get her smiling in these pictures...believe it or not!  I caught her in a really good mood.  She definitely has her moments, especially when she is hungry...but for the most part she is either smiling...
She is into sticking her tongue out at us now!
Sleeping...often times with her eyes open...

 Or snuggling...

She had quite a busy month.  She spent a lot of time playing on her mat...she loves her guitars and stares and smiles at them.

But, the playing usually wares her out and she falls asleep on there...

We have been going on walks...

And, just hanging out!

She also got to meet my best friend Andrea.  She flew all the way from Arizona to meet Sawyer and we had such a fun weekend hanging out!

We took a few road trips to visit Cora & Aunt Becky...She is really good in the car and mostly just sleeps.  Becky and I even survived a 5 hour road trip to Laredo with both girls...we high fived when we got there - without stopping the whole way!

They had their first slumber party and wore matching PJs.  They woke up early to watch Veggie Tales together!

We went to Yoakum to visit too.  Sawyer took over Grandpa's chair.

And, hung out with the boys.

We had Sawyer's 2 month check up last week, and she had to get her shots.

But, nothing a little cuddling with daddy can't fix!  She did really good, just a little crying!

She is now 22.5 inches (63rd percentile) which mean she has grown over an inch!  And, apparently 4 inches since she was born???  I'm not sure that first measurement was right!  She weighed 7 lbs, 7 oz (2nd percentile).  Her head is 14.75 inches (26th percentile), up .75 inches from her two week appointment.  The doctor was a little concerned about her weight so we are currently in operation "fatten Sawyer up!"  We have started supplementing with formula to get her some extra calories and we go back on Friday for a weight check...hopefully she has gained a pound!  She is still wearing newborn diapers and mostly newborn clothes.  There are a couple 0-3 month outfits that fit her, but she is still too skinny for most.

It has been so fun to watch her change over the past month, every time she smiles it just melts my heart.  I love that she responds to us now when we kiss her face or make silly noises, she thinks its hilarious...she is so close to laughing, I can't wait to hear her giggle!  She is also starting to like books, she lays totally still when I am reading to her - which I guess means she likes them?  

She is a great sleeper.  She goes to bed around 8.  Sometimes she is still awake when we put her down after she eats and rocks for a little bit, but she just falls right to sleep on her own.  The biggest change with her sleeping over the past month is that she is now sleeping in her crib all night.  She wants nothing to do with it during the day and would much prefer to nap anywhere but there, but has no problem with it at night.  I don't get it.  She is still waking once or twice every night, but is starting to go longer between feedings.  As much as I don't like waking up in the middle of the night, I really love spending that extra time with her.

Barry and I have pretty much adjusted to our new life with Sawyer.  She is so easy going and doesn't complain about too much so that makes everything easier.  We have gone out for dinner a couple times, which she sleeps through and have finally started to get back into working out. I'm rambling...time to go to bed!  Gotta sleep when the baby sleeps!

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