Friday, August 10, 2012

Water Day

Every Tuesday and Thursday Sawyer has water day at school.  She has to go to school in her swimsuit and sunscreen and bring her sun and water shoes for play.  Her teachers were always telling me how much fun she has at water day so I decided to go over and see her one day.  She did not even acknowledge I was there - she was so into water day!  I was kinda sad she wasn't SUPER excited, or even slightly excited for that matter, to see me, but it makes me so happy that she was having so much fun at school.

They give them different toys to play with every time and I think this week was food - tons of spatulas and plastic vegetables.  She was REALLY into the sprinkler.  She kept crawling towards it, but would get really mad when the water was all in her face.

Of course, the day I went over to take pictures her swimsuit didn't  quite make it through the morning and I forgot her water shoes.  Hence the onesie and socks...

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