Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby's First Preseason Camp

August is a crazy month for me at work.  Football, soccer and volleyball preseason camps and all the eating that goes along with it makes for very long days.

I am very fortunate to be able to have Sawyer in school right here on campus so I can pick her up and come back to work.  I am even more fortunate that she is a trooper and makes that easy on me!  I would pick her up and we would come back to my office and go to practice, eat dinner, and go for walks on the track.

Helping me check the weight report

Checking out the protein bars

Exploring the weight room

Passing out electrolytes

Taking a nap in my office
I am so thankful to have such an easy going baby; I was nervous about how August was going to go this year.  Also very thankful for such a supportive family and husband that came into town to hang out with Sawyer and kept her on the weekends so I can do the job I love.

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