Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Sawyer had quite the eventful first Halloween!  Her day started out with a Halloween parade at school, to which I did not bring her costume because I didn't know about it.  Mom of the Year.  Fortunately, she didn't know the difference and she had a pumpkin shirt on...close enough!

She lasted a little white in the buggy with her classmates, but was more interested in me holding her.  Yup, I walked in the parade around the playground.

I think she mostly wanted me to hold her because that was probably a faster route to getting down on the ground and exploring.

Can you see her little vampire tooth in this one?? So timely...

She missed the memo on getting the two front teeth.

After school, we went to a couple Halloween parties - this time in costume!

She was SUPER interested in this candy bowl.

She picked out a snickers and a twix which she carried around with her for a while - until she decided to throw it on the ground over and over and say "uh-oh" - such a fun game!!

All the cute kiddos at party #1...

And then we went to visit some other baby friends.

We got there a little too close to bed time so this was the best we could do when trying to get a picture of all 4 together...

FAIL.  We did get a couple good ones before the mosquitos decided to join the party.

The babies, very surprisingly, were more than happy to play in their costumes inside!

They were so silly crawling around with their little hoods on.

Sawyer & Beckham also enjoyed some time playing on Caroline's chair.  Sawyer basically treated Beckham as though he was part of the chair.

And, I have to brag about our ridiculously cute nieces and nephews!!

Logan the giraffe.  And being a Coogs fan with that little hand!
Cora the princess
Blake & Brody - cute little frogs!
Abigail as Minnie Mouse
I was loving getting all these pictures last night!  I would say Sawyer's first Halloween was a success...even though I only got 1 piece of least it was a box of Nerds.

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