Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12 Months

Well, we made it.  A whole wonderful year of Sawyer!  I have been waiting to do this post because I hadn't taken the "blue chair" pictures...Sawyer has been feeling pretty under the weather for about a week now - double ear infection turns out - so smiling for pictures wasn't at the top of her list.  I snapped a few this morning for tradition's sake...they aren't good.

You can just tell she is all congested and isn't feeling all that great =(  And, she had just woken up.

But, I would say that making it this far to her first ear infection is pretty good!  November was yet another busy month of travel and firsts for Sawyer.  She experienced her first homecoming.  UH homecoming was at the beginning of November and her school had a little parade...

She had so much fun!

And she LOVED the Shasta doll.

In other UH news, Sawyer is becoming quite the Coog fan!  She went to her first swim meet, basketball game & football game.

We spent a weekend in Yoakum for Grandpa's birthday.  Sawyer rode some horses...

Drove some cars...

And hung out with family.

We also spent a weekend in Austin/San Antonio for a wedding shower.  Sawyer had so much fun playing with toys at Wita's house and hanging with Abigail at the shower.

And...big news!  She also took her first steps that day.  Her actual first steps were on the kitchen counter at my parent's house.  I was holding her on the counter and she decided that she wanted to walk across it to my mom.  I got this video of her later that day.

She is now a full blown walker!  She loves reading and climbing on EVERYTHING.

Her favorite thing to climb on is our ottoman.  She climbs up there and sits in this tray.  Every time.

Don't mind the box in the background.  It was her playhouse for a few days.  Lori thought it was for her.

She does not love/hates anything on her head.  Headbands, bows, hats...I know the ponytail is silly, but it is the only option.  By some miracle she wore this hood long enough for me to take a picture.  And halfway smiled about it.

She continues to be a good eater.  She had her first taste of spaghetti squash...much more fun to play with than eat.

She loves eating popcorn with Daddy, much to Lori's demise, and thinks that anything that we are eating should be for her as well.  She sometimes just walks up to us with her mouth wide open if we are eating something that she thinks she needs to have.

Her new favorite, along with peas and cheese, is peanut butter.  It is a disaster, but she loves it.

Speaking of disaster.

At her 1 year check up, Sawyer weighed 19 pounds 12 ounces (28%) was 29.25 inches long (54%) and her head was 17.75 inches (50th%).  Her appointment was great and she took the shots like a champ...apparently.  I wasn't in there to witness.  I can't take it.

Sawyer also celebrated her first Thanksgiving.  I will leave the pictures for the end because I have a lot of favorites.

I can't believe it has been a year, it absolutely flew by.  Sawyer has been such a blessing in our lives and I can't wait to see what the next year holds.  She spent her first birthday taking family pictures, celebrating with family and friends and eating cake - party post to come later!  We love you so much baby girl!!

We spent part of the Thanksgiving weekend at my parents and at Wita's house and the other half in Yoakum.  These are some of my favorite pictures from Becky's camera because I didn't have mine, of course.  So I just have pictures from the first half of the weekend.

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