Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012: Part 1

Christmas is always such a whirlwind for us - in a good way.  Lots of places to be and people to see, which can be stressful sometimes, but we are very fortunate to have so many people to get to see over the holidays.  I managed to bring my camera with us this time...but forgot to charge it.  Good thing for iPhone cameras...

As Sawyer gets older, and our family continues to grow (one day...not yet!), we would like to establish some of our own holiday traditions.  This year, that meant starting to celebrate on the 23rd.  We had lunch at our house, then did our family Christmas before heading to church.  Sawyer caught on to the stocking thing pretty quickly!

Santa visited Sawyer in the form of a savings account this year, we knew she would have plenty of presents to rip into at our other Christmases.  But, she was more than thrilled to pull sippy cups, bubbles and other things out of her stocking!

After church, we were on the road to Yoakum.  Sawyer was fully prepared for snow in her boots...just in case.

Grandma had cookies waiting for Sawyer to decorate.  She wasn't quite sure what to do at first, but it didn't take long for her to get the hang of sprinkles.  All.  Over.

I very much appreciate her love for sprinkles.

Sawyer spent Sunday morning hanging out with Aunt Tammy and all her animals...

She was loving it!  After church, we spent the afternoon watching football and visiting with family.  Sawyer made herself comfortable in Logan's bouncer...

We did Christmas with Barry's family on Sunday evening.  Stocking #2.

She walked around with this little bottle for most of the night.

And, now that she has her own vacuum and kitchen, she can really help me around the house!

She would rip the tiniest pieces of paper off of each present.  And, of course, the boxes were a huge hit!

Monday we went to Barry's grandmas house for lunch.

How sweet is Logan sleeping by the tree??

We had a really nice afternoon visiting with family and eating tons of good food and way too much pie.

Or squeeze food in Sawyer's case.  Someday she will learn that Grandma's house is not the place to decide to be a picky eater!

And then it was time for the Chinese Christmas gift exchange.  Sawyer claimed Barrett's tractor for her own.

She is very into babies right now.  She calls all her stuffed animals, Lori, other kids & dolls "baby."  So of course, she was REALLY into Logan.

She was also really into this pond and the fish swimming in it.

Sawyer & Barrett, who is 1 week younger, had so much fun playing together.  They were just standing there giggling and splashing in the water.

And then it was time for a long nap on the road to College Station to continue our celebrations...

Too many pictures for one post...Part 2 coming soon.

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