Thursday, January 17, 2013

Evelyn's Birthday

Being an aunt is the greatest!  On January 9th, Evelyn Clare Pawelek was born.  Sawyer and I drove up to College Station early that morning.  Becky & Michael had gone into the hospital the night before, so I volunteered to stay at home with Cora so the grandparents could go up to the hospital.  Sawyer and Cora had so much fun playing all morning and watching cartoons.

So much fun, in fact, that they forgot to take a nap.

I tried.  Unsuccessfully.  So, I just let them keep playing.

My plan was to let them play for a while, feed them lunch, then try again.

Brie and I had planned for the girls to paint Evelyn a picture, we figured we would be at the house all day so it would be something fun for them to do.

But, that was not Evelyn's plan.  We had been getting updates all morning, but then all of a sudden around 12:30, Brie and I got a text: "She's here!"  Naps weren't happening.  We scrambled to get ourselves and the girls dressed and ready to go.  Of course, it was pouring rain and if anyone could have seen Brie and I trying to wrangle two carseats, Cora, Sawyer, diaper bags and who knows what else...we will blame it on our excitement!  We couldn't get it together.

We finally got to the hospital, and seeing Cora meet her baby sister for the first time was so priceless.

She just kept saying "aw" over and over.  It was so sweet.

Um, yes, Becky really did JUST have a baby.  Sawyer thought Evelyn was pretty cool too.  She kept saying "baby" and pointing at her.

She is so perfect!!

And she looks so much like Cora.

The girls loved looking at all the babies in the nursery.

Especially this one!

And, the naps never happened.  Fortunately, though, they were so good and there were plenty of people and snacks to keep them happy all day!

I can't wait to watch these three grow up together, they are going to have so much fun!  I love that Sawyer has so many cousins so close to her age.  And, I love that we live close enough that we were able to be there for such a special day that I will never forget!  We love you Baby Evelyn!

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