Monday, February 18, 2013

14 Months

Here we are...another month gone by already!

This month's photo session was

First, she needed her necklaces on.

Then it was the magic wand.

Then her baby and a shirt.

Why a shirt?  To play peek-a-boo of course.

Where's the baby?  Her favorite game.

Oh, there she is!  And there are her eyes...another favorite activity of hers - pointing to eyes, nose, ears, teeth.

And, here are Sawyer's eyes.

No matter what you ask her to point to on herself, its always her ears.  And then, of course, she had to hide.

It was quite the production!  January started off with a first for all of us...our first weekend apart.  Barry and I went to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl with my family and Sawyer stayed with Grandma & Grandpa.

We all had fun but we missed her so much!!  

Sawyer's 14 month favorites are necklaces, ribbons, bracelets...all things jewelry...

Her ducks...She lines them up on the bath tub like this.

Stuffed animals & pacis - she sleeps with all of this.  Minus the necklace.

Reading books.

Her baby stroller.  She is obsessed with buckling it.

And eating.  Oh, the eating.  She has learned the sign for more, she has her own interpretation of it.  But, it means more.  She does it constantly.  She does it when she wakes up, as she is chewing, as she is putting more food in her mouth, always.  You can see the amount of food on her tray and she is asking for more.

She has also figured out where the food comes from.  And, learned how to say cheeeee (cheese).  This is her throwing a fit trying to get the fridge open crying cheeeee.  At 9 PM.  After eating a huge dinner.

She has also started trying to use the spoon.  She is pretty good at feeding herself mashed potatoes.  But then she gets frustrated after a couple tries and just uses her hands.

We went to a wedding in January and Sawyer had a blast showcasing her moves on the dance floor.

The biggest change for Sawyer this month was her new car seat.  Which she was not in favor of.  I found her one night sitting in her infant seat in the office.  She is more used to it now, but the first few days were very confusing.

She is doing better with her milk and much better with the sippy cup.

Sawyer spent a lot of time with me at work in January.  It was a pretty busy month with some early mornings so she helped me out.

She also went to her first track meet - which she slept through.

And her first tennis match.  She was way more interested in the water cooler/jungle gym than the tennis.

She loves to brush her teeth every night and will walk to the bathroom pointing to her teeth saying "teeee".  She is still saying mama and dada - mostly dada.  She says woof woof whenever we are talking about Lori or she sees a dog.  She is wearing size 9-12/12 month clothes.  We go to the doctor when she turns 15 months - but I am guessing she weighs around 23 pounds.  She is in the process of transitioning to the toddler class at school, but it is going well so far.  They tell me her favorite thing is circle time and she has been practicing her jumping!

I feel like I say this every month, but she is so fun right now!  She is really starting to understand everything we are saying to her and communicating back to us so much.  I am sure she is going to have soooo much to say when she actually starts talking.  Another great month in the books for Sawyer!  Until 15 months...since that is the only time I seem to make it on here...which will hopefully actually be closer to her turning 15 months!

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