Sunday, March 31, 2013

15 Months

These months are going by so quickly, I can't keep up!

We had another fun photo shoot this time around.  Sawyer is really into accessories - she all of a sudden is interested in bows, mostly on other people/stuffed animals, and shoes.

She is obsessed with shoes.  She loves trying to put them on and taking them off.  And, every time someone new comes around she bends down and points to her shoes.

It's exhausting.

She still loves her stuffed animals too.  So much.  She is getting a little less stingy with the kisses for people, but the animals still get them freely.

And cuddling with us is usually out of the question, but never for the animals.

She is still very much into jewelry...

and her wagon...

and her baby dolls.

I did get in a few extra snuggles when we left school early one day...I had a slow day and Sawyer had been feeling a little cruddy so we spent the afternoon at home.

There was also a little bit of accessorizing.

We did get a lot of work done during February too!

Sawyer is getting better at feeding herself with utensils...

And is still really helpful around the house with things like laundry...

putting groceries away...

and picking up her toys.

One of her most favorite things to do is buckle things.

She will do this forever trying to get it latched and will happily entertain herself while we shop.

Now that her hair is getting a little longer we have tried out some new hair styles...


We had a fun weekend when Tammy, Brody & Blake came to visit us.  We took them to the Children's Museum.  They had so much fun!  And, I got one picture of all three of them, barely.

School is going great.  She started transitioning to the TODDLER (what?!?) class at the end of February.  It is so crazy to me, but I know its time - she is loving being with the older kids and learning so much.

Dancing is also going great.  Especially when Beyonce plays at half time during the Super Bowl.

She was so into it.  I don't think Barry could have ever imagined a life full of baby dolls, necklaces, dancing and pink.  But he is embracing it!

She LOVES her daddy!  He bought her this rose for Valentine's day and she held it the whole way to school.

She is still wearing size 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers and shoes.  

At her 15 month appointment she weighed 21 pounds 6 ounces (54%), measured 31.5 inches (82%)  and her head was 18.25 inches (70th%).  She has 12 teeth and loves to brush them!

She has really started talking a lot more, she says a few words and is really voicing her opinion!  I have a feeling the non-stop talking is just around the corner!

She also loves to read...this is her reading her books one night before bed.

She is so fun!  Keeps us laughing constantly.  Glad her 15 month update is finally done...just in time for her to turn 16 months tomorrow.  Time is flying.

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