Sunday, August 4, 2013

19 Months

A lot has happened since Sawyer turned 19 months a month ago!

She is turning into such a little girl.

A little girl with lots of opinions and LOTS to say about them.

She has turned into quite the parrot - repeats everything we say.

We spent the first weekend of June in Yoakum celebrating Kasey and baby Olsen.

And loving on Logan.

When we came back that night we met my dad at the Skeeter's game for dinner.  Sawyer ate a plate of cheese - the vegetarianism continues.

Aside from our lake trip and celebrating Father's Day, we also spent a weekend in San Antonio so we could meet Avery Nicole.

Isn't she precious?!?  We seriously have girls taking over our family.  And I love it.

Barry and I had a weekend out of town in June so Sawyer stayed with my parents.  She did a great job taking care of Evelyn.

And she had a blast hanging out with her girlfriends.  I'm pretty sure she didn't notice that we were gone.

We also did two weeks of swimming lessons in June.  Sawyer loved being in the water playing and signing songs.

She even got a certificate for her efforts!

Other than that, we spent time playing at home, shopping, working, and teaching Lori numbers, of course.

It has been such a fun summer with Sawyer!  I can't believe how close she is getting to turning 2!!

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