Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Father's Day 2013

When I first met Barry back in the fall of 2005 in accounting class one of the very first things I noticed about him was that every day when he came to class he was wearing camo of some sort.  Every. Day.  It was on his backpack, or his hat, or the koozie on his Dr. Pepper, sometimes his shirt, sometimes all of the above.  It was somewhere.

Of course I don't have picture from that semester because some random girl taking a picture of you in class would be creepy.  This was pre-iPhone days.  Pre cell phone camera days actually.  We are old.  Anyways......

My point is that, it is so fun for me to see this camo-wearing "guys'-guy" with this super-duper girly girl baby.  I never could have imagined that this cute guy I sat next to in accounting every day would one day be my husband and some day be sitting on the floor covered in baby dolls putting bows and tights on our baby girl.  Funny how things work out!

This year on Father's Day, Sawyer and I took Barry out for doughnuts Saturday morning.

We spent the day doing things around the house and eventually met up with my family to go to the Skeeter's game.

What more could a guy want than 3 daughters (Brie was out of town) and 3 grand-daughters!?!  Thank God for great son-in-laws.  Sawyer is a major Grandpa's Girl.  If my dad or Barry's dad is around, no one else seems to exist.

I love to watch both of our dads with Sawyer.  They turn into these giant softies and oblige her every request.  Barry and I always talk about how the grandkids seem to get away with so much more than we could have ever gotten close to!  But, it is supposed to be that way.  We ended the Father's Day weekend with some family time in the back yard.

Sawyer is one blessed little girl!  As am I.  So thankful to celebrate my dad, my father-in-law and Sawyer's wonderful daddy.

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