Thursday, June 13, 2013

17 Months

I am so behind.  I am going to have to figure out a new way to do this so I am not doing one long, giant, picture-filled, marathon post per month.  But until I can get caught up...that will have to do for now!  About 6 weeks ago, Sawyer turned 17 months.

Prop choice of the month: Cheerios.

Her personality continues to amuse me every day.  She is so funny - she thinks so too, she is constantly laughing at herself and the things she is doing.

And, she is so, so sweet.

She is still not big into cuddling or being held but she will give hugs and kisses if we ask her too.

These two are totally in love.  Sawyer with Lori and Lori with Sawyer's snacks.

Sawyer is always giving Lori kisses.  One of her favorite things to do is to get in Lori's bed.  She does it every night - after filling Lori's bed with toys.

Sawyer loves to give Lori all of her (Lori's) toys and some of her own.  This particular night she was telling Lori to go "night-night" and covering her with her blanket.

I can just see Lori rolling her eyes at me.  Sawyer LOVES to be outside.

We got her a sandbox - she wasn't quite sure about it at first.

But, she got the hang of it pretty quickly!

We have been so fortunate that Sawyer has hardly been sick at all, but she had a rough week back in April.  We had this bouncer at our house for Evelyn and Sawyer promptly took over it.

We have a back up "Chops" just incase and washed both of them one night after all of this sickness - she found them.  Greatest day ever!!

Sawyer is still loving school.  She asks to carry her bag and her lunch every morning.

That was PJ day at school.  We had our Spring football game in April and Sawyer was quite the helper.

In between jumps sitting in the bounce house.

Once a month her school has a half day so she comes to work with me for the afternoon.  She usually destroys my office and runs around like crazy... or destroys my office and then naps.

She looks so big to me laying on that changing pad that used to be twice her size.  The accessorizing has gone to a whole new level.

There are no words.  This girl loves her some jewelry!  One of our favorite things to do over the summer is go to Skeeter's games.  Sawyer loved the first one we went to this year.

Mostly the food though.  She has become quite the picky eater and only eats a handful of things: Yogurt, bananas, cheese, beans, peas, strawberries, peanut butter sandwiches and waffles are tops on her list.  She is always asking for "snacks" and has no problem eating any type of sweets...meat on the other hand - won't even touch it.

It has been great having my parents here.  Sawyer has been able to spend more time with her "fins."

And loves watching Mickey in their media room.  All shows are called Mickey.

Since the weather was nice in April, we took Sawyer to the park in our neighborhood for the first time.

I am sure this will be happening a lot more over the summer!  I am really looking forward to the next few month, we have a lot of fun things planned over the summer.  It is so neat to see Sawyer experience all these things for the first time.  Everything is so fun and the littlest things make her so happy - which makes everything more fun for Barry and I too!

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