Friday, June 21, 2013

18 Months

A year and a half.  Wow.

Where has the time gone.  I can't believe she is so much more of a toddler now, I think being a "baby" is officially over.

This month's photo shoot had lots of distractions.

We had to take a dinner and bath break and resumed later with much better results.  18-month-old-chatter-box Sawyer would like to introduce Pots & Pie.

Formerly known as Chops & Paci.  She would also like to introduce her BFF, Row-reeeeeee.

Formerly known as Lori.  She just thinks Lori is the greatest.  The jury is still out on what Row-ree thinks.  Sawyer's fashion sense continues to be stellar.  She is always bringing me socks, shoes, "gasses," bows and whatever else random things she can find that she needs to be wearing.

Crocs & socks.  For bed.  Really?

Never mind that it was May - winter hat is totally necessary.  Two winter hats are in fact necessary, notice the second one on the ground.  Don't notice my laundry pile in the background.

Her fav gasses.

2 headbands, no pants.  Sure.

Former dance recital costume belt that she found somewhere (??) as a headband.  Why not?  I blame Brie-Brie.

Mismatched socks.  I blame Brie-Brie for this too.

Bows on bows on bows.  The more the merrier.  I appreciate her creativity.  Sawyer changed classes again at the beginning of May.  She is now in the Spanish immersion class.

They speak Spanish to her all day every day - she seems to be loving it.  I am loving it.  Most days when we leave school she will ask to walk as soon as we get outside.  She goes straight the the curb, sits down and makes her request of the day: picture, milk or snack.  Depends on the day.

I usually only oblige to the picture request, but she still tries for the milk and snack request often.  Basically the only things she requests to eat are "snacks."  She is still on her vegetarian diet, a diet which mostly consists of cheese, bananas, peanut butter, fruit, beans, yogurt and snacks - the random squeezes, fruit bars, fruit snacks, etc that I keep in her diaper bag.  She also refuses to be fed.

Must only feed herself.  It doesn't always work out that well - especially with yogurt.  Bad news for BJ & Kasey's bar stool.  Good news for their dog.

The lady at the deli counter at HEB must have sensed Sawyer's love for cheese, this made for a very pleasant grocery shopping trip for all.

She did have a skirt on at the grocery store.  I don't let the no pants thing occur in public.  I don't appreciate her creativity THAT much.  Since the weather got HOT in May, the swimming started.  We went over to BJ & Kasey's for the first swim of the summer.

She was mostly interested in drinking the water.

Not at all interested in the slide.

We also visited the splash pad in my parents' neighborhood.  We thought she would love it.  We thought wrong.  She found the tiniest little spout and stuck her finger in it.  Pure adventurism.

She does however love her cousins, Blake & Blake, Coowa, Eby, and Yogurt/Boy a.k.a. Logan.

And finally, my favorite photo of the month.  She LOVES her daddy.  Wasn't super sure about the horse.

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