Sunday, April 28, 2013

16 Months

This was the easiest monthly photo shoot yet!  I asked Sawyer if she wanted to take pictures and she climbed into her chair and said "cheeeeese!"

Just like that...

March was the month of "what's that."  It was constant!!

She is so curious about everything.  When we answer her "what's that" she usually tries to repeat whatever word we answer with.

Of course, no photo shoot would be complete with out props.

March was busy with RodeoSpring Break and Easter...which pretty much made up Sawyer's 16th month.  She did have her school pictures in March though...

Yes, that is her...the ONLY one not looking in the class photo.  She is officially in the toddler class and she is doing great.  She sleeps on her little cot and eats her meals and snacks at a table sitting in a chair. She comes home with a new art project every day.  

She thinks she is one of the big kids and wants to do everything that everyone else is doing, at school and at home...

But she is still does things to remind me that she is still my baby!

She LOVES to read her books...and climb on the furniture...

sitting in her green chair and carrying around a cup at all times...

Lori and sharing her snacks with Lori...

and stickers.

She also really loved this honey bear at the grocery store one day...she wouldn't stop kissing it!

She is really starting to express her opinion and what she wants...including what she wears.  She has quite the sense of style.

We were going out to run errands one afternoon and Barry and I were both wearing hats.  She insisted that she wear a hat too and kept this on the whole time.  She looks like such a little kid to me in this picture.

She weighs about 23 pounds and still has 12 teeth.  She is starting to become quite the picky eater and has apparently decided to be a vegetarian.  She won't have anything to do with meat of any sort.

She loves playing "side" in her house and on her slide.

She is still into necklaces and jewelry.

Each month is more and more fun, she is such a happy, sweet girl!

We love you squeaka!

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