Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Break 2013

I still like to pretend I am in school and take a Spring Break every year.  Although they are spent quite differently now!  The first weekend of spring break Sawyer and I took a road trip through College Station to get Brie and on up to Dallas to Mimi's house.

I love going up to Dallas, but it is always a whirlwind of things to do so that we can see everyone.  Friday night we met up with Eric & Brittney for dinner.

After we slept in on Saturday...

we went for a quick shopping trip.  Can't go to Dallas and not go shopping!  Then it was off to a baby was so great to see high school friends, even though it was a quick visit!  And now they are both mommies with super sweet babies!

That night, we met up with my college room mate Emily.  Out little girls are 2 1/2 weeks apart and they were so funny to watch together!

Can't wait to get them together again!  Sunday I was back on the road to Houston with my great road trip company.

Thankfully, Mimi joined us so she kept me company!  Monday we went out to lunch to celebrate...


And Sawyer is so excited!

She basically wore that headband around all week while she helped us unpack and organize.

In between her napping and playing with Cora of course.

And shopping with M.E.

Barry and I celebrated our 4th anniversary and since we had babysitters in town we went out for an awesome dinner!

Sawyer enjoyed pizza with her grandparents and great her PJs.  I just love this picture.

We spent the final weekend of spring break in Yoakum for a wedding.  Sawyer had so much fun running around at Granny's with this balloon...

We had a great time at the wedding

Sawyer especially loved the cake - another friend who is now a mommy to a precious baby girl!

Sawyer is seriously a grandpas girl and is obsessed with babies so she was in heaven hanging out with Grandpa and getting to play with Logan.

Over all it was a fun week!  Full of lots of rest...

Lots of accessorizing...

And lots of stickers.

Even Lori got to have some spring break fun with her dog friends...

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