Tuesday, September 10, 2013

20 Months

Sawyer is growing up so quickly, I can't keep up with it!

Her personality is also growing quickly...by the day!

She is talking like crazy and is very adamant about what she wants.  This day...pwenkin and kitty.

She LOVES to read.  She will sit in her closet and read books over and over by herself.  She also loves to be read to and is constantly bringing us books saying "read it."  She really likes this peek-a-book book where you lift the flaps...she acts totally surprised every time!

Other favorites of hers: saying "mine, " Rory, Daddy, Cake, and calling me Mom - no more Mommy.  This night she wanted to make cake for daddy.

She is such a sweetheart!  This other night, she asked me to take her "pitcher Mom."  I went to get my phone and this is how she wanted to pose for the photo...

School is going really well for Sawyer.  She tells me most morning that she is "cited fins!"  (Excited to see her friends)  I love getting there and watching what she is doing before she sees me.

She often times does not want to leave because she is having so much fun.

Since we spent 3 out of 4 weekends at the beach in July there wasn't much time for anything else.  We did manage to get some work done in between all the vacation time.

And some playing at the park.

I also took Sawyer to the zoo one afternoon.  August brings LOOOONG days at work and I knew I wouldn't get to spend as much time with Sawyer so we played hooky one afternoon to hang out.  She was terrified of the "elfants" but really loved the cow and brushing the goats.

Can't believe summer is already over, but thankful it was such a fun one!

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