Tuesday, September 10, 2013

21 Months

August is a crazy busy month in the Boening house.  Preseason camps are in full swing which means at least a 14 hour workday 6-7 days a week.  Fortunately I have a very supportive and willing-to-help family!  A handful of nights Sawyer would stay up at work with me and help - she became quite the staple at dinner passing out recovery drinks and snacks, and stealing brownies.

As a result, she now loves "fooball."  Everytime we pull into the parking lot at work she says "cited see fooball!"  All sports are football to her.

Since I was working so much, she got to spend some extra time with Daddy in Yoakum and a day with Aunt Becky.


Her picky eating still remains, but she never turns down sweets!  I have gotten her to eat meat a few times, and she likes it if she would just try it.  We bargain with strawberries.  She does love most fruit so she at least has some nutrition in her life.  Other loves besides sweets:  Pots, Pie, Mick-A-Mouse, reading, doing puzzles, babies - and covering them with blankets, "fins", school, princesses, watching mofies in the car, singing "monkeys jump on bed" and "wheels on bus" and talking.  A lot of talking.  She always refers to herself in third person - she calls herself Sigh-er and is saying quite a few sentences now.  She is very, very sweet.  She tells me that my dress (which is usually a shirt) is pretty, she likes my hair or my nails and she always says thank you.  She loves to gives hugs and kisses, and high fives and fist bumps.  She still always says "mine" and "no" is a pretty big staple as well.  She also really likes to have her picture taken and asks me to do so often.

Or just does it herself.

Of course, this wouldn't be a monthly update without the usual blue chair pictures...Sawyer is in for a big change...

But, we are all very excited about Sawyer becoming a big sister in March!

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