Friday, October 18, 2013

Baby B #2: The First Trimester

I am finally getting around to writing this post, now that I am a couple weeks into my second trimester, but better late than never!  We had our first doctor appoint at week 7 and a sonogram confirmed that we were definitely expecting #2.  I was so nervous going into this appointment, but my nerves were quickly calmed the second we saw that little blip on the screen and heart the heartbeat.  The baby checked out just fine and we were given a due date of March 31st.

We started taking pictures weekly again, this time at week 10.  I was basically a walking zombie for all of August, so it was better that we waited!

Sawyer caught on to the picture taking really quickly!  I felt decently good throughout the first trimester.  My symptoms were very similar to my first pregnancy.  Minimal nausea, no morning sickness (Thank God!) and a weird appetite.

11 Weeks

The exhaustion was incredible.  I felt like I was run over by a truck by the end of every day.  Possibly due to my serious lack of good food...spaghettios (yup, again), crackers, PBJ and smoothies aren't exactly the most energizing foods.  We had our second doctor appointment during week 11.

What a difference 4 weeks makes!  It was another uneventful appointment with some routine blood work and a quick check in with the doctor.  The heartbeat sounded great and growth was right on track.

12 Weeks

My appetite returned and the total exhaustion started to subside toward the end of the first trimester.  I was able to eat meat and vegetables again and stay up past 8:30.  I haven't had any weird cravings besides orange juice every now and then and I can't get enough iced tea, but nothing too crazy.

13 Weeks 

 I didn't gain any weight, according to the scale, during the first trimester, but my clothes aren't quite fitting the same anymore.  Or, at all.  I have moved on to Nike pants and belly bands every day.  Maternity pants are in my very near future.

14 Weeks

Sawyer's prediction (this week) is that she is going to have a baby brother.  She says that the "baby in mommy's tummy" is a boy and the "baby in Sawyer's tummy" is a girl.  We shall see on November 11th.

Here I am at 14 weeks with both.  Our photography/photo editing skills are outstanding.

Not much different yet...I am very happy to be done with the first trimester and feel so blessed to be going through this again with a healthy and generally easy (knock on wood!) pregnancy.

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