Thursday, October 31, 2013

22 Months

On the eve of Sawyer turning 23 months, here is her 22 month update.  How I blog...

This month's photo shoot was pretty short lived.  She was totally uninterested in sitting in her chair.

Sawyer spent the first weekend of September in Yoakum while Barry and I went down to the coast.  She had so much fun playing with her cousins.

Most days when we are driving to and from work she asks me where each member of the family is.  She always calls everyone hers - "Where's MY (insert name)."  She usually asks about Miiiichael first.  We had another fun cousin weekend in College Station.

The girls were such troopers.  They stayed at the tailgate all day.  They were exhausted disasters by the end of the day, but they had so much fun.

She still loves going to "fooball" - she asks most days if she can see football.  She also loves all things princesses, books and castles.  We probably read the princess books at least 20 times a day.

This is her castle.  She doesn't usually like it to be on the bed and will promptly move all the pillows to the floor - where her castle belongs.

I took her to see fooball one day - she was so into it!

Once a month Sawyer's school has a half day so she spends the afternoon with me at work.  Since there isn't much actual work being done, we usually make the rounds to practices and team meals.

We are loving having my parents here, especially our Sunday night family dinners.

Olsen even came one time.  Sawyer's Olsen, obviously.

At the end of September, Andrea came to visit us.  We had such a great weekend of shopping, eating, eating, eating and being lazy.

Sawyer is constantly singing (monkeys on the bed and ABCs), dancing, jumping and being silly.  She loves to play "toys."  Her picky eating continues, every once in a while she will surprise me and eat something I would never think she would - pistachios and pecans??  Usually it is something I am eating that she "needs."  We have started the potty training process, she is doing pretty good.  Much better at school than at home, but we will get there.

My favorite thing about September was that Sawyer started saying "I Lub you."  It is just the sweetest thing to hear.

I love you too, squeaker!

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