Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Baby B #2: Update #2

Just a quick update on how this pregnancy is going…nothing new to report, fortunately.

15 Weeks

We did go to the doctor during the 15th week for a quick check in.  We listened to the heart beat and that was about it!  We have been taking Sawyer with us to "check the baby" because we go in the morning on the way to work - her face lit up when she heard the heart beat - it was so sweet!  The most exciting thing about week 15…I chopped my hair off.

We didn't take pictures in week 16 - Barry was out of town hunting.  But, I did feel the baby move during this week which is such a cool feeling.  I felt this baby move a little sooner than Sawyer, which the doctor said would happen.

Week 17 brought about a little belly!

17 Weeks

I am still feeling pretty good, starting to feel a little bit more physically tired but I guess I am almost half way there.  And the heart burn is starting…Side note: Sawyer is potty training - hence the no pants and random outfits in half these pictures - its just easier that way.

18 Weeks

Barry felt the baby move in Week 18, on his birthday actually!  This baby is super active…constantly moving, especially after I eat.  I don't remember Sawyer moving this much - fortunately they are still just little flutters with occasional kicks - no swift kicks to the ribs quite yet!  But all in all, things are going well!

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