Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thanksgiving and Birthdays 2013

This year our birthdays (Sawyer & I) fell on Thanksgiving weekend.  Usually it is a week later so I felt like we had a super long celebration and got to see all of our families which was wonderful!  We spent Thanksgiving day in Houston with my family, it was strange (good strange) to wake up in our own house on a holiday - we have never done that before!  We started the day watching the Macy's parade.

I put it on hoping it would entertain her for a few minutes while I could get dressed, but she was soooo into it!  She would get so excited every time a new band or song would come on and yell out "A BAND!"  We spent the rest of the day at my parent's house eating, eating, eating and eating.

Even the baby dolls.

Brie and I attempted to do some Christmas shopping that night at some stores close to our house.  Bad idea.  We lasted all of 45 minutes before we called it quits!  The next day we went to Yoakum to see the other side of the family and attend a wedding.  Sawyer had so much fun riding "her horse," playing with "her Logan," and decorating cupcakes with "her Grandma."

She was so proud of her work!  Saturday night we went to a beautiful wedding between two of Barry's friends from high school - such a fun night!

Sunday was Sawyer's second birthday.  She took full advantage of all the attention and being a princess for the day!

After church, we had a lunch at Grandma and Pampa's (???) house.

Every time she would open a present she would say "cuuute" or "I wub it!"

That afternoon we drove back home.  We were planning to go to my parents' house for dinner to celebrate Sawyer's birthday.  My mom kept calling me asking me what time we would be there, could we be there by 5:30?, could we wear something nice so we could take Christmas card pictures?, my sisters were waiting on us...etc…  When we arrived at 5:30 wearing something nice, I walked into this…

Barry had spent the last month planning a surprise birthday party for me - I had no idea!!  My parents, with the help of my sisters, my grandmas and my aunt Cindy, cooked dinner for everyone, their house looked amazing and Barry invited so many friends.  It was such a great start to my 30s!  We also celebrated Princess Sawyer's birthday again too.

Such a perfect night!  And, for one final birthday celebration - we took Sawyer to the zoo.  We weren't planning to do a big party for her, but wanted to do something.  Since she kept saying that she wanted a zoo for her birthday, we obliged.  I left work early one afternoon, picked Sawyer up and we went to see the animals.

She really loved the elephants, monkeys, giraffes and zebras.  She wanted to take a picture holding the monkey's hand.

Every time we would see a new animal she would say "take my pitcher with dis one, mom."

For the month of December, the Houston Zoo turns into a winter wonderland with TONS of lights and Christmas music playing throughout the park.  Barry and my parents met us downtown for a quick dinner and we went back to Zoo Lights.

Looking back at all this it was a whirlwind of a weekend, but we had so much fun and have so, so, so much to be thankful for!

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