Monday, September 22, 2014

Ty: 5 Months

This little guy just melts my heart.

He has such a sweet demeanor and is so silly and expressive all the time.

All it takes is a few words thrown his way to get a smile out of him.  Lots more firsts happened over the month, some went over better than others.  My parents just put in this great pool in their backyard so we spent quite a bit of time there.  Swimming for the first time did not go over so well!

I really thought he would love it since he loves the bath so much.  He didn't cry or anything he just looked so irritated the whole time, which obviously wasn't long.

Another thing that is not going over so well - taking a bottle.  He will. not.  Won't have anything to do with it.  We put him in bottle boot camp and he won.  So, plan B - in preparation for starting Mother's Day Out in September - was to try solids, which did go over wonderfully.  At first.  

He has only had cereal at this point, and some days he likes it more than others.  He was doing so great sleeping in his crib at night, but that is no more.  He has finally started rolling from stomach to back occasionally.  But, anytime he rolls over in his sleep he wakes up as soon as he is on his stomach, so...back to the Rock 'n Play.

He doesn't have much room in there, but he sleeps so much better - which makes for better sleep for all.  He is still not sleeping through the night.  Usually awake every 3 hours, sometimes he will go 4-5 hours.  But usually 3 hours, almost to the minute.  We got the exercauser (?) this month and he is really loving that.  Despite his face here...

He also got to experience one of the many Fernandez family traditions - his first Wild Game Dinner.  My parents host a party every year - basically a "clean out the freezer" party from the previous hunting season and camo attire is required.  It is an all day affair of cooking, eating and hanging out outside with family.

Ty 4 1/2 months, Olsen 1 year
all the guys
the whole fam
We also spent some time at the softball fields watching Barry & BJ - Ty LOVES to be outside.

His other favorite things...watching Sawyer & Lori (he's obsessed), when Barry comes home and pulling hair.

Fortunately, his last swimming experience of the month turned out much better.

Probably because there was pool side dining involved.

Ty is in all 6 month clothing and size 3 diapers - neither of which will last too much longer!  I would guess he weighs about 18 pounds.

Every day is so fun with this sweet happy boy - even when I am grouchy from not sleeping.  ever.

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